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8/20/2016 9:21 am  #21

Re: Just one method of reading some one...

Look under my Spiritual Discussion Catagory, and scroll down to "Readings" I can relabel the forum if you like. I am open to a new name for that forum. There one can do readings. Or I can even open a new catagory for readings! There I can list various kinds of divination and readings to be done. Let me know what you would like to see.


8/20/2016 10:18 am  #22

Re: Just one method of reading some one...

I've found it now   will have a think


8/20/2016 5:49 pm  #23

Re: Just one method of reading some one...

There is one form of reading I have done all my life ,I am a people watcher I read people I will know within a second if anyone lies to me.i know with one glance if I will get on with you.or if you are genuine.I am on the community council and we have to interview people for jobs.like an older person outreach worker I sit on the interview panel because of my ability to read people.so I know who the best candidate for the job is. the last one we had I couldn't be on the interview because I had someone here they told me the persons name only. the first thing I said was get rid of her she is not to be trusted. and boy was I right​

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

8/24/2016 7:35 am  #24

Re: Just one method of reading some one...

Sounds like you are a natural Empath then, I have similar skills and they come in very useful!


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