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8/16/2016 1:41 pm  #1

Recipe 3 Lamb in Ginger beer....

This is really nice..
6 Lamb Loin chops or similar quantity of Lamb.
I large Onion sliced into rings
2 medium carrots sliced
a few sliced mushrooms
A 1/2 pint of Ginger Beer, or enough to just cober the lamb
Chicken or Lamb stock cube
A spring of fresh Rosemary
Seasoning to taste with salt and black pepper
Line a  2 pint casserole dish with the sliced onion add the other veg and then the lamb... Add the crumbled stock cube and the ginger beer with the Rosemary on top.  Pre heat the oven to a moderate heat180c
Then take a sheet of foil and place over the meat. Then replace the lid.
Place in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 180c.. Make sure the liquid does not dry out..  Once the lamb is tender it  is ready..     You can serve this with Rice or other veg of your choice...
It is very aromatic and really good.


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8/16/2016 1:58 pm  #2

Re: Recipe 3 Lamb in Ginger beer....

That sounds tasty will have to make it

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8/16/2016 3:59 pm  #3

Re: Recipe 3 Lamb in Ginger beer....

Sounds YUM I'll def give this one a go. Thanks for sharing it.

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