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4/09/2016 4:51 pm  #11

Re: Are they stealing our ways?

I will agree on that.  We do put to much faith in something that is inherently fragile.  


8/10/2016 2:25 pm  #12

Re: Are they stealing our ways?

I'd love to read all this thread but my eyes cannot take all that text.. I have read parts of it and, yes The so called New Age has tried to exploit ones thirst for knowledge and to learn of the old ways..
The Oral tradition of teaching the ways, the traditions and the Rite and Ceremonies should not be sold for cash..  That is a real insult to the people. But it is often unscrupulous and disgruntled NAI's who figured out a way to cash in on it.. 
The Elders need to seek them out and stop this and do it now...  There is a' Declaration of  War ' on line drawn upby Lakota Elders about this kind of thing...  There will always be someone trying to make money in a dishonest way...      For my part I lead an honest life, I would never have anything to do with this practice..

But I know it goes on...

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