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2/19/2018 1:53 am  #1

Sex with brother in law dream

Dreamt I was in bed with my brother in law. We started to have sex, I didn't stop it this time and as we were having sex I said wow this is amazing. Then he felt that someone was coming so we stopped and made ourselves decent again. Then I woke up.

I oversleept by 15 minutes and my partner came to wake me as my snooze alarm didn't go off. Also at the weekend, his brother came over to watch the boxing. I was annoyed with him because he has watched the boxing many times at ours but never offers to pay. He brings his friends with him which Im not ever happy about as I prefer less people and not people I don't really know in my own home. But I allow it for Matt's sake as I wont stop him doing what he wants with his brother. Also, last weekend when I saw him, he brought up about a party were a girl will be there's whose kissed my partner before. So I was annoyed, I feel If he wants to be my friend then he can't do sneaky and manipulate things like that. He does so much more but I can't  even explain it in short. So I stayed in my bedroom that night and didn't say hello or anything as I didn't want to be there at his beck and call for a kiss and a cuddle and a warm greeting etc when he treats me in a way I wouldn't treat a friend of mine. So I was surprised to have had this dream with him this morning.


2/20/2018 11:27 am  #2

Re: Sex with brother in law dream

In the dream you might of had intercouse with at part of yourself.This was more about feelings you have being at peace with yourself.


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