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12/19/2017 9:48 am  #11

Re: Dream of course - royalty -green and red

mac wrote:

Sunrose wrote:

Thunderbow wrote:

Green and red could mean stop and go, also they could be Christmas colors. Your dream does mirror your maturity, in dission making.

​It was the study of royalty that stood out to me, as I had asked how I can progress in my work life, could this be an indication of a course of study that would be good for me? Stop and go makes sense, been on a rollercoaster ride lately so that makes sense to me, that's good to know, thank you!

This isn't my field as I've already said but wouldn't it be risky to heed what you might believe is guidance based on images in dreams?  A change of work is a major step to take. 

If there were the same images in repeated dreams, and if you fully understood the significance of the images, then it might suggest guidance (it seems to me) but maybe that's not how things happen? 

I'd welcome hearing your view....

​oh that question was for Thunderbow, I replied to your post specifically above that. For me, dreams are a way to get accurate guidance of what's going on inside myself or from other sources. I find it hard at times to decode the message, but once I see what it means, then it makes sense and I apply it to my life if it resonates with me. If it doesn't make sense I discard it, the dream I had was vague but it felt important to me, and that's usually when I ask for help interpreting the dream. Personally, I feel dreams are divine guidance, and the most accurate and raw information you can get. I feel my own dream messages are more valuable than if someone was to tell me about myself in a reading, because it comes from within.

​I don't feel anything would come up that isn't for my highest good, so when I receive guidance, I use it to better create my life. Ive wanted to change my job for years, and I know roughly what I want to do, but I find it hard to know what the next step is; so I use my dreams to get this kind of information as it is unique to me. I see what you're saying about guidance being repetitive or that it may need to be clear that it is specific guidance; but again personally, I trust my intuition and place a lot more value on what is unseen and unknown in a sense, so I like to muse over what may seem vague, until it clicks and I know exactly what it means to me.

​This dream, I still have no idea what it means specifically other than it reflects progress I have made in my life, as Thunderbow says it may show my maturity in decision making. And the red and green go/stop; to me I think it may mean that I am learning there are times to stop and times to go, and in turn this matures my decision making, as based on this new perception, I am able to make better decisions. This all may seem very airy fairy and not based on concrete evidence or clear messages, but I feel everything is useful if it aids on the path of self growth and self discovery! I have a challenging, or have had, a challenging relationship with my mum, so for me to dream about her seemed significant to me personally. I had asked before bed for my guides to provide info on a career path. It could be an answer to this, as my mum is very creative, as is my partner and myself, we have spoken about having a business together so maybe the dream was an acknowledgment to this dynamic. I wouldn't ever make a drastic change in my life based on my dreams if it didn't feel right to me, its more to do with the feelings etc they represent and using dreams as a barometer of what's going on inside and how I feel about certain things.


12/19/2017 10:17 am  #12

Re: Dream of course - royalty -green and red

great reply - thanks!  http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

still looking

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