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12/16/2017 9:01 am  #1

Dream of a Baby

I'm too old to actually have a baby now.  But I've had dreams about having a baby that belonged to me, that I knew I had to take care of.  In the beginning, ten years ago, the baby in the dream was scrawny and vulnerable to dying.  By about the fifth dream of a baby (5 years ago), the baby was stronger, but if I put it down and turned my back, it would disappear and I would have to look for it in a panic.  

Last night I dreamt I had a baby that was very strong.  It was a Maori or Australian Aborigine baby.  In fact, a tribe of its kind followed me around and told me I had to name the baby a different name.  It had a Canadian name.  I told them I had already picked a name "Mintubu."  The baby grew very quickly in the dream, it went from me having to carry it all the time to becoming a child.  The child walked beside me and I no longer had to worry about it leaving me, as it would tell me if there was danger of it being taken or lost.  Ironically, as I was falling asleep the word "Mintubu" was in my head, before I dreamt about the baby.



12/16/2017 9:51 am  #2

Re: Dream of a Baby

That baby is all about you, your learning and growing, and your name.


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