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12/07/2017 5:45 am  #1

Using energy dream

I dreamt last night that I was standing on my own and i was watching myself as if I was someone else watching myself. I could see that I was standing there and creating this coloured fluid energy from me like sprays of paint shooting out and spraying all around but it was energy that I was working with. I could see colours of blue, green and purple. I was raising my arms in the air and it would come out from my hands, it looked beautiful like a Disney film and I was aware some of the shoots of energy were misfired but it felt like this was ok in the dream.  What does this dream mean?

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12/07/2017 8:49 am  #2

Re: Using energy dream

You feel it is OK to make mistakes. You are no longer hard on yourself. You are allowing yourself to express yourself. Just more of your healing.


12/07/2017 10:04 am  #3

Re: Using energy dream

Yayyy :D I know my creativity has been blocked because I don't want to make mistakes, so I am really glad to hear that I am o.k with making mistakes now. Ive felt so stifled but I do feel better with expressing myself lately, thank you very much!

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