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12/02/2017 4:46 am  #1

Dream given a golden ring

As I was waking up, I saw as I was being pulled back into my body, I could see a light creamy orange white light around me like a vortex. In the center of this tunnel I saw a golden ring given to me, it reminded me of a ring that is in my family, an heirloom. It was gold with a pretty design, it reminded me of Asia, either Chinese or Indian. And it had a green stone in the middle, Jade comes to mind. I thankfully and gratefully reached out and took the ring, I feel I put it on my left hand, most likely my ring finger. I felt very peaceful and joyful, and I still do upon waking, which is a surprise as I usually feel depressed when I get up. What does this mean? I’ve never dreamt of this before.

Recently as well I thought if another gold ring that was passed down on my mums side that is a flat band ring with a diamond, but I’m thinking it may be a green stone too I’m not sure why I think it’s green because I’m sure it’s a small diamond. I wondered when I would have this passed down to me, so I don’t know if this is linked.


12/02/2017 8:58 am  #2

Re: Dream given a golden ring

The ring equals the feelings you had. Thus it means you are healing. You are letting go of your depression.


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