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11/18/2017 5:01 am  #1

Dream of birthday party and cake with family

I asked last night to go to my starship home. I dreamt of it being my younger sister and younger brothers birthday. I had bought them a selection of Krispy Creme doughnuts that had a mix of other cakes, like there were two pieces of chocolate cake but with groovy illuminated filling pink and green like Halloweenish almost. I also bought them two other type of cake/treat to go with the doughnut/cake. I was with my family, my mum, step dad, two sisters and brother. We were sitting on the sofas and around the living room and sharing the cakes out and just being a family. The living room looked quiet old fashioned and somewhat dark lighting, like it was dimly lit instead of bright.  My sister Chloe was unhappy to be sharing out her gift of cakes, but my stepdad said we could all have one each. I said to Chloe I could always buy some more of the same cakes tomorrow and she smiled. After everyone has picked one, It was my turn and I went for the chocolate one with pinky purple filling.  I was going between what cake to choose, I was thinking of just choosing a doughnut but I really wanted to choose the chocolate cake. It was a big piece of delicious looking cake. I was just reaching for it when I woke up.

I haven't spent time like that with my family for so long. I only see my mum and my youngest sister these days. But it was lovely just to be with them all in the dream so relaxed, getting on and accepting each other. I do miss them and I wonder if this dream is connected with intending to dream of my home starship?


11/18/2017 7:17 am  #2

Re: Dream of birthday party and cake with family

My mum just called me, we were supposed to be meeting on our own tomorrow for lunch, but she asked if I wanted to go to theirs for an early Christmas dinner with my family, everyone except Chloe. I haven't been home in years so could this dream be guidance regarding this? I feel a bit hesitant about going but only a nervous feeling.

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11/18/2017 8:26 am  #3

Re: Dream of birthday party and cake with family

The dream might mean you are wanting to take care of yourself. Family members often represent parts of our self in our dreams. Thus the dream shows harmony within. Your nervous feeling is quite normal, considering your family background.


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