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11/15/2017 1:29 am  #1

Dream being a policewoman and dating show

I dreamt I saw myself as a policewoman, my view of myself was in front of me, so I could see myself looking around and walking around the streets on patrol. I looked happy and fair, relaxed and strong. The sky was bright and sunny and there was no trouble in sight. Another part of my dream was that I was in a house that was hosting a dating show. Me and my best friend were selected as contestants. We were doing challenges and activities that they had set for us, it was two a day, with a morning and afternoon time slot for a different activity. At this point I was with quite a gangster girl who had all her mates but was chatting with me. The activity was carrying pieces of a puzzle up onto the hill and piecing them together. I was changing my trainers or tying up my laces so I missed out on this task. I kept my dog lady with me but I was telling her she had to stay out the way so they didn't tell her to go away, if she sat out the way then she could stay and watch. I was working out all the dynamics of the group. There were some old friends there that I was happy to see and a guy from my work called Josh.

Later there was a gathering in a hall and I started dancing in the middle, and 3-4 men come over and was dancing with me. Then my friend danced after in the middle and only one person went to her, I was about to go and dance with her myself before this guy went over. We was all having a good time and laughing. When we went to the bedroom area, it was like a dormitory with all the beds in one room. I ended up in bed with a man who had dark curly hair and was quite handsome. I think I was in the bed already and he joined me. We started to cuddle, he put his finger inside me and it felt nice at first but then I was tensing up and he stopped. I turnt around and was kissing his neck. Then I had a feeling that we was on the dating show and I realised people would be watching so I slowly stopped and went to sleep. The next morning the two hosts which turns into my bosses were saying they can't wait to review the cctv and she what everyone got up too. I told my friend what happened and she said oh no not on the first night and I just laughed. I could also see the guy from my work, Josh was capturing my attention when he was around me. Then I woke up.

What does this dream mean?


11/15/2017 8:37 am  #2

Re: Dream being a policewoman and dating show

This dream certainly shows how you are feeling in everyday life. You are feeling like a Police Woman. You sort of feel like you are in charge of things, watching what is going on around you. The dream shows how you are managing things and feelings in everyday life. Some times you know when to stay out of the way, and not go to far.


11/15/2017 9:21 am  #3

Re: Dream being a policewoman and dating show

I see, thank you for explaining that!

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