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11/13/2017 7:38 am  #1

Dream guidance and baby

I woke up last night about 3-4am. I remember being surrounded by my guides & angels and they were teaching me powerfully. They were telling me to hold onto the most loving, beautiful memory or sentiment that I love the most for strength, compassion and dedication in any situation.

Then when I woke up this morning I remember seeing a baby boy that's said "Psycho" to me. I smiled at him, trying to figure out why he said this, then I done some hand symbols/communication. I think I remember it being that thing you do with your hands where you put your closed fists on top of each other then when you lift your palm with your thumb up it looks like you've taken the thumb off to a child. My step dad used to do this to us kids when we were younger. I'm not sure what this means unless they are telling me my step dad is a psycho lol


11/13/2017 8:27 am  #2

Re: Dream guidance and baby

In a way he was "Psycho". Of course you know there was much more to him than just that. Knowledge is healing. Compassion towards your Step Father is indicated in this dream. You are dedicated to your own healing in this dream.


11/13/2017 8:47 am  #3

Re: Dream guidance and baby

Yes, I do know this and there is more to him than that too. I guess it's accepting that he may have acted this way but ultimately it is probably from his own hurts. I can see how using the ying yang symbol shows light within darkness, and darkness within the light. Focusing on his light aspect with love can bring about healing. I did say to my guides that although I feel I have had waves of healing towards him, I still feel it is hard to forgive fully. But I hope this will help me to do that now. Thank you for your help, I heard some quiet voices in my head telling me it was about forgiving him but I wasn't sure so thank you for confirming that! Also I see aspects of my stepdad in my partner at times, I was looking at my partner and thinking about what the similarities are, I realised I project some of my dislike towards my dad onto my partner. I trusted my partner and let go this weekend and it was the most peaceful and loving that's i have felt in a long time. So I believe it was my resistance of fear that was causing me discomfort. But being in a state of love is helping me to overcome these feelings.

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11/14/2017 12:07 pm  #4

Re: Dream guidance and baby

I can't remember my dream last night but I remember walking down hallways of a big house and the wood stood out to me. I think it was maple with quite a reddish varnish. I had the feeling of strife and struggle like I was managing everything and taking care of everything but It was just hard and I wasn't enjoying myself.

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11/14/2017 1:10 pm  #5

Re: Dream guidance and baby

Do a reality check, to see if this dream matches how you are feeling in real life. Then find ways to reduce the stress, and feel better and more relaxed. Do take care of your self.


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