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11/02/2017 12:28 am  #1

Loosing handbag, breakup with partner, old friend

I dreamt me and my partner Matt had been arguing I was texting him and it basically ended up with me saying that if you're going to be like that then what's the point of being together. He didn't reply to this text. So I was going to a guy mates house on the way I realised I lost my bag on the bus I left it on there when I needed to change buses. Luckily I had my phone and bankcard. It was getting late about 7 PM. I decided to go to another old friends house and we was just cuddling and got a bit Intimate. I was constantly trying to call the bus garage but it wouldn't dial through or get through to anyone. He suggested I stayed the night and hugged and went to the bus station in the morning. As I was lying there I realised I had not even spoken to Matt for the day or evening and I felt sad that he had not bothered replying to that text so I guessed he wanted the relationship to be over and him not responding was him saying we are over. The next day at work all of the desks had been rearranged and my desk was against the wall I felt that everyone could see my screen. The new girl asked me how I got my eyebrows I said I partly drew them on. Then I was thinking about how I could move desks. When I tried asking My supervisor what to do about losing my handbag and not being able to get through to the bus company she ignored me or didn't hear and started talking about her son to someone else. Then I woke up. What does this dream mean please?


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Re: Loosing handbag, breakup with partner, old friend

Seems you left some emotional baggage behind and you were not able to retrieve it. The eyebrows may indicate a new way of seeing things. You left behind a lot of emotional baggage concerning relationships. 


11/02/2017 8:31 am  #3

Re: Loosing handbag, breakup with partner, old friend

ahh this is such a relief! I realised last week fully that I was still letting old hurts affect my decisions now, I know deep down my current partner is all Ive ever wished and dreamed for, but I let my insecurities ruin the love that is there. I didn't see this shift happen, but now you point it out I can see how Ive been a much better person within the relationship and dealing with things better, and happy in my own skin. So I'm very glad about this, thank you Thunderbow!

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11/02/2017 8:32 am  #4

Re: Loosing handbag, breakup with partner, old friend

I felt such despair not being able to retrieve the baggage but I am so glad I cannot, and I find the imagery of that very amusing now I know what it means lol

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