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10/27/2017 12:31 am  #1

Dream of Unicycle race in shopping centre

In my dream we was having a race it was all my old school friends, the race was on a unicycle with a belt around the seat, I was excited as I knew I practised on my exercise bike and had a good chance of winning. The guy from my secondary school named Andre Chin was my main competition I knew in the dream that last time we raced it was pretty even I think I may have beaten him.  I was wearing a dress like Marilyn Monroe's white one but it was hot pink instead. Before the race I had spoken to my partner about the shopping centre that the race took place in where the race started and my younger sister as well. We was talking about the shops and how it had developed. There was a new McDonald's and a Disney shop and a bar/nightclub. The race started in the shopping centre and we was going up the stairs and down the stairs, around the levels of the centre to get outside, it was a fun track. You'd have to pick your bike up to run up the stairs and then quickly get back onto it to go down the hill it was a really wacky course. In the race me and him are pretty neck and neck the track was off the beaten road when it went outside, there was a belt to put around your waist but I didn't use it so that I could get a head start. There was a bush in the middle of the path  that me and Andre were either side of, with what I thought was a fox running to catch prey but it was a cat when it got out the other end. There was also this pink bug/flying beetle that was cute and was my friend flying around with me as I done the race, almost like it was a space bot.  There were times in the race where both of us would come off the bike and quickly get back on the seat to catch up and carry on with the rice it was almost like Mario kart. I believe I won the race the guy from school was a good sport and we were celebrating with each other. Then we was in a classroom type meeting/chillout after the race the professor made a joke towards me about the guy saying he would win but that I did. Everyone was sitting around with their group of people relaxed and happy with life.

What does this dream mean? Thank you!


10/27/2017 8:38 am  #2

Re: Dream of Unicycle race in shopping centre

The dream simply shows that you are doing well in life. Seems it was a fun dream. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/smile.png


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