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10/24/2017 2:23 am  #1

Dream of collegue lapdancing

I had a really strange dream last night, I didn't want to post it as its a bit rude but I am curious what the dream means lol
I was dreaming of a male colleague, (that I do find attractive) I was sitting on the floor with my back against the wall and he was standing over me with his crutch in my face, dancing. He was wiggling his hips and shaking his private parts in my face and at one point he even purposefully put his penis on my face like a pattern, around my face on my cheeks and my forehead. I was sitting there enjoying the dance and was holding onto his thighs, almost supporting him while he let loose. I was surprised at how muscly and manly his thighs were and was basically encouraging him and cheering him on. It was a strange dream, I have never dreamt this before but I must admit it has amused me.
I'm scared to ask, but what does this dream mean? haha


10/24/2017 8:31 am  #2

Re: Dream of collegue lapdancing

Dream might relate to a real life situation where you feel you are back against a wall.You can't escape your sexual feelings. He may be showing you, the power of your mind. I think his is showing you that you have a strong mind. You are encouraging the power of your mind. There is no retreat from your own power. Actually this is a good dream.


10/24/2017 8:47 am  #3

Re: Dream of collegue lapdancing

I see, I do have urges towards this person but I tame them as I am in a relationship and wish to be loyal, but if I was single I would definitely follow through with those feelings. Also, there are parts of him I admire; he always speaks his mind and his truth, whereas at times I will not say what I feel to be true because I fear disapproval or alienation. But I can see how his character trait is appealing to me when I struggle with speaking my truth. That is the only time I feel bad about myself, when I do not speak what I know to be true inside myself. I feel I have grown significantly over the last few months, using my mind to encourage my growth and to connect to higher energies etc and overcome limiting behavioral patterns. In this context I can see how the meaning of the dream reflects this. I do doubt the strength of my mind, I doubt if what I perceive is true or if it is just my imagination, I wonder sometimes if I am going crazy as I feel so overwhelmed but I will definitely pay more attention to my mind and it's power. Thank you!

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10/24/2017 8:50 am  #4

Re: Dream of collegue lapdancing

Also, I realised that when I focus on negative things or believe they will happen, such as my partner will not grow to learn what it takes to make a relationship better, it draws in what I believe. I noticed these thought recently and changed them to that I do believe he will learn and grown, and he did make a massive improvement at the weekend; which was reflected in my other dream.

​So maybe this is what is being brought to my attention, that I changed the way I was thinking and now with the power of my mind, can stop attracting what I don't want and attract what I do want.

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10/24/2017 11:27 am  #5

Re: Dream of collegue lapdancing

In the dream he is really mirroring You. He is you reminding you of your own power. The sex part is just your minds projection your fears/guilts and doubts about accepting your own power


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