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10/22/2017 2:14 am  #1

Two dogs cuddling dream

Last night I dreamt of my dog, and my partners bosses dog Jasper (who we are seeing today with our dog Lady). We was in their home in their living room and a girl I don't know was in there and she said to me and my partner that we could go off upstairs and she would watch over the dogs. After a while I came downstairs to check Lady was ok and I saw her cuddling Jasper on the sofa, he had his arm around her and she was snugged into his chest. I was thinking that's so cute that two dogs are cuddling like that, like humans I suppose as his arm was around her shoulder and his paw around her. They were peacefully sleeping so I went back upstairs feeling happy.

What does this dream mean? Seeing the dogs like that seemed surreal to me.


10/22/2017 8:21 am  #2

Re: Two dogs cuddling dream

This may mean your relationship with your partner may feel surreal to you. But you feel happy with the relationship being that way. Shows a lack of conflict at the moment.


10/24/2017 2:27 am  #3

Re: Two dogs cuddling dream

Thank you, this is true I understand what this means now, the night before the dream we went to a party that I didn't want to go too but I did for him and his family. Because he is driving now he could not drink, so he was his normal self that I know and I had a wonderful night with him. I had a really lovely weekend with him actually, he got me breakfast in bed too the next day; these are all the things I dream of our relationship being like, so it was surreal, but as you say, I am happy about the relationship at the moment. He also said being out at events made him realise how much he does value just being at home at the weekend which was music to my ears. I felt a pang of doubt that it may not last but I realised that thinking this can only bring it about so I remain optimistic Thank you Thunderbow

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