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10/05/2017 12:26 am  #1

Dream about mum and dad and bus driving away

My mum and dad were watching over me I was ignoring my dad as he was trying to be friends with me. They were trying to make me feel less about myself because of what my sister Chloe was achieving. I was in a house trying to find my chillout spot. Earlier in the dream I was on the bus coming home, the driver wouldn't let my mum and dad on the bus, they were running in the road to get on the bus that was just past the bus stop. They grabbed onto the back of the bus but the driver was speeding forward really fast getting faster and faster, it felt scary to me at one point too, eventually they let go and they faded into the distance. I thought about stopping the driver as they were holding on but I didn't. I seem very distrustful of my stepdad in the dream, I was always keeping my eyes on him when he was around me.

What does this mean?


10/05/2017 2:05 am  #2

Re: Dream about mum and dad and bus driving away

 I feel this dream shows me moving away from the links to my parents and their affect on how I feel about myself. Maybe the bus signifies another driving force that is somewhat driving me away from them to? I've asked Archangel Michael to help me with cutting cords from people that still affect me, and old emotions etc., so I believe this is what this dream is showing?

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10/05/2017 9:04 am  #3

Re: Dream about mum and dad and bus driving away

It shows you are leaving your mom and dad behind. You are leaving all those feelings behind.


10/06/2017 3:06 am  #4

Re: Dream about mum and dad and bus driving away

Yay this is really good to know because for a while I have felt they are still connected to me and pulling on my emotions, when I think I've forgiven them, something comes up that reminds me to forgive more deeply, which I done, so this dream is a good sign for me, thank you!

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