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9/26/2017 1:31 am  #1

Dream of challenging time with family and suspension bridge collapsing

I dreamt I was at my childhood house. My family was socialising, my younger sister had a baby I was sitting with them saying, isn't your mummy beautiful, to her baby. I fell asleep everyone partied through the night and left me asleep. When I woke up I couldn't find anyone, the house appeared empty.  I started looking around for my partner but couldn't find him, I knew they had all been drinking and doing drugs, I knew my partner had done a pill. I went upstairs my stepdad was begging me not to go upstairs and see, I carried on into my old bedroom and my mum was lying topless on the bed with a Jean jacket on waiting for my partner. I grabbed her feet and dragged her off the bed asking why was she doing this, she was ignoring me and made her way downstairs. I followed her outside and she was getting in her car to drive away. I went outside to the back garden and my partner was trying to come out the back door. I went up to him and said, I know what you've been up too, now tell me the truth, I know you've taken a pill, why didn't you wake me up? I was really upset and annoyed that everyone left me asleep and my partner was lying to my face.

Leaving for work there were two giant suspended bridges. The one I went on was specifically for use of disabled people, it had a high usage from them it was like 77%. As I went across I thought the bridge was going to fall down the suspension ropes were going to snap and it was only a matter of time before the bridge collapsed. I knew the people in charge didn't care at the potential of a mass loss of disabled people's. I didn't feel safe using the bridge because of this but I had to keep using it.

What does this dream mean?


9/26/2017 8:34 am  #2

Re: Dream of challenging time with family and suspension bridge collapsing

A bridge from your past to present time and your future. It is sort of like burning your bridges behind you. You now can not go back to your past situations. You are not disabled anymore.


9/27/2017 12:18 am  #3

Re: Dream of challenging time with family and suspension bridge collapsing

This is great I didn't even see that meaning but now see it so clearly! I have felt so debilitated by my family and the affects of everything to do with them. I've been healing for a while now so i am glad to see this is finally paying off! I notice that they don't have the same hold over me that they used too and I feel free in myself. After I read this I imagined that bridge collapsing! Thank you Thunderbow!

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