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3/26/2017 2:56 pm  #1

My Experince with a Chiidii

I've had a problem with this spirit (knowingly) for the last three years.
This spectre has split into two characters & posed as an evil spirit & what others would call an Ascended Master. I was introduced to it after getting a reading on another forum three years ago & it has been very clever in deceiving me.
It has mentally abused me for a long time whilst at the same time encouraging me to believe in it's other character as a guide & protector. It has posed as abuser & protector, & kept me fooled for a long time.
My real guide (that I didn't realise was a guide) has been trying to tell me for ages, but there as been so much confusion that I've not understood the situation.

The chiidii worked on destroying my ability to believe in spirits & then built me back up deceptively, to belief in its protector side again. The last three years have been hell, it was only a few months ago that I managed to regain that belief & get some relief from the constant attacks. Relief from it, by it!
The protector side has turned out to be a liar. The chiidii gave me a protective illusion (once I understood belief) for a few months & then took it away.

My genuine guide didn't need my belief, it chose it's moment to make itself known, but unfortunately it was after I was already misguided & confused.

My Bear Spirit Guide has helped me to kill my belief in the protector & bring many more animal spirits into my life. They have shown me the sickness that the protector aspect was keeping in me.

It wasn't until after this that the chiidii revealed that it was both abuser & protector in order to bring protection back into the picture & convince me that it was the Ascended Master that it had initially claimed to be, and that it was doing it to teach me about the light & dark sides of the spirit world.
It has made me believe that it was being abusive to teach me of my wrong doings.

What is disturbing is that this evil spirit has the ability to fool psychics into providing seemingly authentic readings.

The chiidii remains though, not sure what's going to happen next. Things have changed dramatically during the last two days.

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3/28/2017 9:15 am  #2

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

You seem to have a good grasp on the Navajo definition of what a Chiidii is. We have several ceremonies dealing with Ghost Sickness. Buy a cedar bead necklace of cedar bead bracelet. Cedar can offer some protection. As you heal Psychologically, the Chiidii will continue to become weaker. Work on continuing to let go of bad feelings about yourself.


3/29/2017 6:51 am  #3

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

Thank you Thunder Bow, I keep forgetting to buy a cedar band. Things are better now, my spirit guide is showing me the way of the world.

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4/04/2017 4:59 am  #4

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

Astro wrote:

Thank you Thunder Bow, I keep forgetting to buy a cedar band. Things are better now, my spirit guide is showing me the way of the world.

This was another trick to keep from from getting messages from my guides, however it seems I've met a good (human) spirit for the first time ever! I'm being reassured that I'm getting help in solving this chiidii problem & that I'm being lead by this good spirit on order to separate me from the chiidii & keep me connected to my guide. (we have started to work through the meaning of bear medicine, bear guide has not responded to my questions. He is usually prompt in anwering when I have managed to get through).
The last message I received from Bear Spirit was that I'm stuck in a cycle. The message was undermined by the chiidii.
Now I'm being reassured that I'm being lead out of this cycle.

The good spirit claims to be an old forgotten friend, who has been around me in spirit for several years.

It seems very genuine, but I'm paranoid. Time will tell!

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4/04/2017 11:34 am  #5

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

Trust the Good Spirit. To learn more about Animal Guides see the 2017 Disney Move "Jungle Book" there is a Bear in that movie, you should  pay attention to. Also pay attention to the Panther.


4/06/2017 10:49 am  #6

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

It's a bit weird, like having a friend in spirit. I'll have a look at that film, thanks!

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6/10/2017 5:09 pm  #7

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

Thunderbow wrote:

Trust the Good Spirit. To learn more about Animal Guides see the 2017 Disney Move "Jungle Book" there is a Bear in that movie, you should  pay attention to. Also pay attention to the Panther.

I have watched this film. The panther did everything it could to take care of the boy. So did the bear, but only after exploiting him.
Both animals had human like characters.

I don't see how they portray Animal Guides.

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9/21/2017 3:12 am  #8

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

When I awoke this morning I saw in my minds eye, a very clear image of the chiidii, in its human male form, he was in another room. I felt that this was a reminder that I'm being helped by good spirits or spirits guides, that they were saying "there he is, & we are helping you".

The mental activity caused by the chiidii is much less intense than it was at the beginning of this year.

This makes me feel more comfortable with what I see in my minds eye as I've learned to shut it out.

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Today 5:08 am  #9

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

This situation with the good spirit passed a few months ago & so the evil spirit had returned to trouble me again. Seems it created a new character that I would feel inclined to trust, as it knew that I could not make sense of what was happening to me spiritually.
However I still do seem to be heading in a better direction, & sense that there is a true spirit of good intention who is willing to help.

So with that in mind, after seeing that vision from my previous post, I got out of bed & went into the kitchen where I saw two heart shapes made from coffee stains. I wasn't sure until this morning but it seem that this evil spirit is the one creating all the heart shaped signs that seem to follow me around.
What happened next was that the chiidii returned as the siren, after I shed that belief many months ago, & painted a psychological picture to trap me again.

This morning I find myself researching poltergiest, which is a German word for noisy ghost. This has reminded me that I was bitten several years ago, whilst sleeping, & that poltergiests are well known for their behaviour in moving objects. With this my intuition is confirming that the chiidii is subtly moving objects & created these heart signs, & that it is responsible for that bite.

The vision was telling me that the chiidii was upto no good in the kitchen, & was a whisper in my intution at the time, I just couldn't grasp that until this morning.

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Today 8:33 am  #10

Re: My Experince with a Chiidii

Ever caught the spirit moving an object? Try blessing your self with cedar to protect your self before going to bed. You also use cedar to cleanse the rest of the house as well. But it is most important to bless yourself.


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