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6/10/2017 12:24 pm  #1

Death and Resurrection Dream...

So, this is the second time I've been in the same place in the dream. Things were different this time.

I was going to a party with some friends and someone asked us if we wanted to do something (can't remember what the word was) and we said sure. So they go and get us some food and we have to eat it. So we did. 

After that, one of the girls in my group started saying stuff and making it look like this is all about her when in fact it was about the girl in the wheelchair who before we entered the party said that she doesn't care if people think she is a druggie because the drugs she uses makes her legs feel better. I find the upset girl and tell her that it isn't about her.

After, me and this guy go on this narrow stone bridge and in the first dream we walk across it and make it and that is when the dream ends. This time however, we are both rushing to get across and he knocks both of us off of it. He manages to grab the ledge and me so I don't fall to my death. He pulls me up and we start moving along the path, holding the ledge all the while scooting along by our fingertips. We save each other many times as the path crumbles and falls as we are scooting along it. He falls, I save him. Then I fall, he saves me. Then at the end of the path, he falls and I save him one last time but in doing so, I fall. He eventually falls anyway and we both meet on the ground.

When on the ground, he says "its too bad we both died". I then noticed a Raven to my left where its head and half of its body is coming out of the ground while being surrounded by goldenish light. I then feel a bump on my lower back exactly on the spine and this is the place where I had landed on the ground btw. The bump gets bigger and I eventually hear a crack and pop sound and the bump goes away. Out of my body comes a snake! Some girl said she resurrected us and because of her umbra that is why we couldn't give her up to this other group of people (she seemed afraid of them). I remember seeing dozens of snakes of banded colors coming out of other people who had fell to their death as well. My snake had white and black bands...


6/12/2017 8:27 am  #2

Re: Death and Resurrection Dream...

This dream is more about your personal growth and transitions. The Raven is the Phonex raising out of the ground (ashes). Rebirth. The Snakes represents the same rebirth theme. Another dream about your healing.


6/14/2017 7:09 pm  #3

Re: Death and Resurrection Dream...

Thank you!

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