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4/01/2017 5:49 am  #1

Little girl and fighting cats

Dreamt a little girl was walking around in the wilderness, in a garden that went into a forest. There where cats stalking her and I was being watchful. Then one of the cats was pushing its boundaries and was getting too close and too overbearing. It felt like they was trying to attack her. So I walked over purposely to the cat and went to push it away forcefully and it began to scratch and fight back so I just ignored the pain and fought though it and made sure that I got the cat away. I think I ended up holding the scruff of its neck and throwing it away into the forest. Then the threat had gone and she carried on playing happily.

Ive been having lots of dreams lately, theyve felt really vivid and powerful but Ive not been able to recall them. This is the first dream Ive been able to remember in a while. Is this dream literally about protecting myself from threats?


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