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2/10/2017 1:17 pm  #1

Parasites dream...

When I woke into the dream I looked down and saw a bump on my lower right ab area and I of course touched it. When I did I could feel something moving around inside and I kept examining it and saw this thing which I can only attribute to a long looking parasite. In the dream I had the "idea/thought" that it was leaving my body because it was being forced out somehow. Then the dream switched and I'm looking at the parasite thing trying to find the easiest way out of my body... it does eventually come out and another person being steps on it after I yell at him to lol. 

Shortly after the first one a much much larger one comes out and the other guy picks it up like a stupid being and rips it in half. Now in the dream I knew you should not be touching them and when he ripped it in half a million little parasites came from it. I knew he was already infected because they burrow into your skin. He then tries to wash them off in a shower and some do get washed off and can be seen floating in the standing shower water.

I knew that person being would be okay though. Since we knew what it was all they had to do was get the correct antibiotics.  End of dream...

I find it interesting that the parasites were being forced to leave my body... Something has changed within me... I don't know what yet.

Thank you for your time

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2/10/2017 1:36 pm  #2

Re: Parasites dream...

Yes, some thing has changed within you. You got rid of parasitic feelings, that are probably due to your current living situation. You are not letting that stuff go under your skin.


2/10/2017 2:11 pm  #3

Re: Parasites dream...

ah feelings... I've been having to get rid of them because of my current living situation...

yes that makes sense now... 


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