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2/09/2017 1:05 am  #1

Boyfriend cheating on me dream

Hello, Ive had three dreams that I remember strongly about this subject so I wonder if there is a pattern, would love to know the meaning of this. Is it just what the dream is telling me or is there something else? I felt like the dream was playing on my insecurities, like it was warped in the parts that got to me.

Dreamt I realised that I push people away when I am scared of being hurt. Was dreaming of my partner, in the dream he kept avoiding me and sneaking off to go and see his ex girlfriend. There were lots of small details, like my name was something silly in his phone and I thought that he didn't love me enough to put my real name, doesn't want his other 'girlfriend' to see, whose name was in his phone as normal. I would be talking to him and he would disregard what I say and make an excuse to leave. When I confronted him about seeing somebody else he said it was not true and making out that I was imagining it. However I could see this woman in my head and she was galavanting in a jacuzi/hot tub with a smirk on her face, and I was looking at her body, wishing my tummy was as flat as hers and thinking that is part of why he would want to be with her instead of me. This part seemed warped, like the image of her was in my head but also like a projection in front of me and she was acting out of character. But I knew what he was doing, he kept hiding things and witholding the truth from me. I knew that he still had feelings for her and that he was hiding it from me. There were more scenarios between us, but along the same lines of what Ive said above.

Look forward to your interpretation.

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