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2/02/2017 5:36 am  #1

Buying drugs in partners dream?

This dream felt different to any other Ive had, this felt like I was in his dream or that he had control over the nature of the dream and not me, it didnt feel like it was about me or coming from me, but more so my role in his life?

I was with my partners mum. He asked her to buy some drugs for us and his brother and his partner. His mum called someone and we went out in the car and got it, we were separating it out between 4 people when we got back. Then he called and asked if I had seen someone on the way to get the drugs and I said that there was a man standing down the end of the road, he said the man was watching Harriets house. (Harriet is an old school friend of mine that I believe is friends with his brothers girlfriends friend Anna, which is the same name that we had argued about the night before but a different person) . I wondered why he was even concerned about this person as he doesn't even know her, but now I think about it they have a mutual friend. The dream went on after this but I cant remember it.

When I woke up last night my partner said something that was towards me about an argument we had, cant remember what he said but it was damning/blaming me, then he was speaking in tongue which he does in his sleep and he was being horrible, saying things like you wierdo. This morning, he was speaking again so I said what and he was talking about scientific angles for the wall brace when I woke up from this dream.

I wonder if this is all connected in some way, like I am being shown something about this situation. When I was lying in bed recalling my dream, I thought I heard his mobile vibrate many times in a row, like he had received 10 text messages but then when I got up and looked at it, it was turnt off and has been since last night. We had argued last night because I calmly stated to him that I hope he doesnt hide anything from me, as he had an ex girlfriends contact details come up on his phone when I was doing something for him, I asked him at the time and he said it must be saved from ages ago, but I wasnt so sure. And he always gets so irate about it and manipulative, feels like he is twisting the whole situation and trying to change my perception and confuse me. So this is the context, Id love to hear interpretations of the dream, if it means anything in relation to this.

Thank you,



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