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7/07/2016 6:51 pm  #1

I LOVE Totem Animals

We all get them but it's the paying attention a Totem animal that matters. 
Once while at work at the Fire Dept I went outside for a break. It was a single wide mobile home and had a porch built by the crew. Out of the blue, a hummingbird came around me and started getting closer until he was in my face close. Stayed there looking at me for about 50 seconds. It was amazing. This was soon after my Brother-In-Law passed. Right after that, I had this huge urge to go get white flowers for my Brother-In-Law's wife. I wrote out the card as though Carl had written it. 

Sept of 2010 I had an event to go to in Los Angeles. I went to McDonalds for a cup of coffee. While waiting for the drive to shorten I was next to a trash can. A crow flew down right next to my car and started jabbering away. Stayed there the whole time until I  moved up. Went to the event of James Van Praagh's and he had Tony Stockwell there on a US Visit. I was the last one who had spirit come through - it was my whole adopted family's Irish relatives, he said they were all there. My Mom/Dad were first to come through. I could smell my Uncle Fred's nonfilter cigarettes on the way home in the car. 

I've had around 50 dragonflies flying over my head a couple times. Took a photo of one on a twig and it let me get right up to it with my finger. 

Had a bear visit in 2010 a lot. Two cubs would climb my front tree. Another would come over to eat the dog food. He had a scar on his right eyebrow. I'd wait for him to come over around Midnight and I'd carefully open the door and snap a photo of him. He would always run. Miss him. 

Once I dreamed there was a huge black widow spider just outside my kitchen door as I opened it. The dream was vivid so I made sure I did not forget the dream. I Journaled a lot back then. The next morning there it was smaller of course but a black widow hanging from my eaves right smack in front of my door. Glad I looked. 

In Jan 2009 I dreamed of this box in the corner of a room. To my right,  my deceased spouse was peeking around the corner with a very worried look. I reached for the box and there was a snake that lunged out at me. It grabbed my right hand between my index finger and thumb and I tried pulling it off but it would not budge. Three weeks later the Tribe laid me off of my 13 years with them. Not that I did anything wrong; they were just not wanting to pay decent wages any longer. I took two years off and went back for almost $6 less per hour. My spouse was Tribal, married for 23 years. He died of Cancer 4/99 18 mo after our son was killed by a member's son. Another long story.....I forgave him. 

There's been many but what is important is that I pay attention to everything. Everything has purpose.

I forgot to mention the Buffalo. One night on the way home up the Rez road. It was stormy but not raining. It was twilight. The heavy dark blue clouds of the evening were opening up to the blue sky of the twilight. I looked to the west and there was a huge buffalo carved from the dark clouds. Horns and all. Wish I could paint what I saw. He was Magnificent. This was a few months after I had a dream of two buffalo in a dream. I'll have to post that dream. 


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People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

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Re: I LOVE Totem Animals

Here's the dream of the Buffalo......3/22/2010

Woke up at 12:54 am and remembered an amazing awakening dream……………………………………………….
Saw spirits in clouds that and they told me that my gifts are starting, that the clouds are an introduction.
Then I was on a bus with other people, got off and heard a cat meow two times. First “Meows” were on the bus and the last one was at an older house under the porch. I looked under the porch and this large Cat was there, I grabbed it held it and it reminded me of one I once had once a long time ago but still mysterious. I didn’t get a good feeling about that cat, so I put it back under porch.
Then was at a restaurant/café, two men were at the café, and I was talking to them, one in particular. I told one man about the cat and he said he knew about it but that was all that was said. Then there was something with coins, I was stacking coins or placing coins, like in gaming or something. 
Then at that restaurant, there was a woman, the same woman that was on the TV Show Auction Kings I’d see that night before bed. She was a heavy woman with long brown hair and on the TV show, she’d one a bid.
She was in my dream now and she and I were with a few other people and we went outside to walk in through the parking lot. To my left was a tractor trailer with the tailgate open. Inside were two brown buffalo. They were hanging their heads outside the back of the trailer with heads resting on the tailgate or semi’s lift that was about four feet up from the ground. Just as we were getting close the two back of that truck lift, the buffalo’s got up and stepped out of the trailer. They started walking towards us and the one on the right butted his head into the heavy-set woman’s stomach. She wasn’t hurt but I stepped in front of her to protect her and the buffalo edged me away from her and had me backing up the way we were walking but I was going walking backward with these two buffalo right in front of me.
I felt I needed to do something because I didn’t want them to butt their head against me. They were not touching me but were inches from my front side and were walking and I was walking still backward, I didn’t want them to do harm so I started stroking and petting each buffalo’s head, talking nicely to them and telling them how beautiful they were. Their demeanor turned from assertive to gentle. They were quite calm and enjoying it. I was able to talk the buffalo’s into stopping and they were then calm.
Then at a place of time…people coming in and standing in line to give personal info. They had to sign up to get some handouts. Seemed like a neighborhood help place, like free food handout or something similar. I decided to help out and I started taking each person’s personal info and filled out their intake sheets.

Then I woke up. 
I’d been dreaming all night but that is all I could remember, it was two pages written out at 12:30 am.

People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 
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7/08/2016 10:44 am  #3

Re: I LOVE Totem Animals

The Bison were the giving part of yourself.. You are helping people in this dream giving them "Buffalo Gifts".


8/29/2016 9:26 pm  #4

Re: I LOVE Totem Animals

Thank you Thunderbow, 

A long awaited Thank you. 
I must have disappeared for a while after this post. 

what are buffalo gifts? 
I will put your reply at the end of my two buffalo dream. 


People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 
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8/30/2016 9:01 am  #5

Re: I LOVE Totem Animals

"Buffalo Gifts" are every thing for the plains people. Food, clothing, and all. The Buffalo give away so the people can survive.


9/12/2016 7:30 pm  #6

Re: I LOVE Totem Animals

Thank you Thunderbow. 
Yes, that is true. Nothing wasted. 


People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 
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