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10/23/2016 7:46 pm  #1

My personal technique to the joy

Feel free to let me know if this doesnt belong here or move it to another section

When i learned about meditation the thing that first struck me a moment here or there was a rush of the joy i like to talk about.

Meditation didnt work very well for that. But it did give me that experience here and there. So i thought back at when i experienced that before. The most profound i can remember happend while listening to a song.

So i experimented with music and my body to create the experience. I found sitting and rocking around to help. Kinda swaying around i guess. I found the hypnotic music i liked to help as well.

Later i realized that i could use my throat to make sounds to the feeling i want to go to. So with the music i would do this. It i found to be like an engine to take me there. Using all three makes the journey happen quick.

I began dedicating time every day to experiment with my body movements with the music. Over time it became like clockwork to get into that joy i wished to experience. Its like a trance i guess.

Over time of doing that over and over and over and over again. It became to hang around in my presence longer. Tell one day it decided to stay.

I dont do the routine much anymore and im thinking i probably should still do it at least now and then. Cause out of the blue i decided to the other day and it was profound in growth. So im gonna go back to my old routine. Perhaps once or twice a week to see how that goes.


10/24/2016 8:46 am  #2

Re: My personal technique to the joy

Can you describe your joy more here? Yes, meditating with music works very well. What kind of music was it? I will sometimes pop an "Avatar" to feel good. I am not fussy about where a post should posted. This spot is good enough.

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10/26/2016 12:08 pm  #3

Re: My personal technique to the joy

What does pop an avator mean? I have connected with avators or whatever name they may go by. Its a bonus and can help from what i have seen. From an energetic standpoint.

Well its like another body develops or comes out of the wood work as i experience it. You got your physical body that is experienced. Then there is another body that comes about that feels like its made of liquid. So there becomes two bodies experienced simultaniously. The physical one remains the same.

To expand on my experience with the liquid one it becomes experienced at some point all the time like the physical one. For me it feels like im always mixing around and im drinking myself up. The mixing around and drinking myself activates the nervous system in a delightful way. Its like its hitting the pleasure buttons of the body. I like the name the self because it is in how i experience being you and its you drinking your self up. The nervous system continiousoy releases natural opiates and what not that the body creates. You become the thing that you were searching for all along. Imo

Imo. Its as if you look back at lifetimes of searching for it and it was all a donkey chasing a carrot. The donkey following a carrot attached in front of his head always moves out of reach as the donkey moves. Where ever the donkey goes doesnt matter. The carrot always out of reach.

At some point imo a surrender happens. A collapse of chasing the carrot to surrendering to the self that was us all along. You become the thing you were chasing and the one chasing it.

With that said life goes on as i see it in my experience. You still have a physical body. You still have an emotional body as well. The difference with adding the liquid one is you become always saturated in that joy reguardless of what the physical body and emotional body do. So its as if they surrender to the liquid body. You literally feel pains and emotions dissolve and or melt into it. It has that kinda power. But it is also the connection to things outside of me. In that you merge and experience the connections of things. Nature, people, and so on. Like rivers connecting things in a joy of oneness. So i refer to it as the celebration of oneness. Cause its in that, that makes it all happen.

The music i found to help me the most is two bands from seattle during the grung era of music. Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. The dirt album being the easiest to get things going. But i used many songs and it was always changing. Usually through the radio.

Its been a fun wild ride! Im very grateful

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10/26/2016 6:35 pm  #4

Re: My personal technique to the joy

Continued. Only had a few minutes while waiting on another driver to swap trailers. So im going to ad what i think i missed and clarify some things on what i experience.

And i want to make a point in that what im attempting here is an interpretation of what i experience. I personally think although there is some uniqueness in how we experience things and interpret them.

Ok first i guess i should clarify although the nervous system and the liquid body is dissolving emotions and pains it doesnt mean i dont feel them. What it means is emotions dissolve into the joy and can are experienced in the joy. It does feel like what the liquid body comes into contact with does feel like dissolving and or melting things. So it feels that way and is that way in how they are experienced. Pains in the body are alleviated from the nervous system but they are still experienced. Much like perhaps taking an aspirin when you have a head ache. When the head ache persists but isnt as bad. It is simple to understand in that the nervous system is releasing natural opiates and such. I dont know the science of the body. But whatever it is that the body can make that is experienced in a healthy intoxicating way is whats going on.

Another thing i missed. The mind is flooded with all this. In the process the mind at least for me took some time to adjust. As did the body. But once adjusted its like a smooth current of that same joy swimming around in the mind. So the liquid as i experience it keeps the mind pleasant feeling. But that doesnt for me mean it doesnt continue working and doesnt have preferences to things. It does all the same. Its just that its always in that joy so its like a natural content feeling about it.

I think that sums it up.

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10/27/2016 9:47 am  #5

Re: My personal technique to the joy

What I mean about "Popping An Avatar" is that I will watch James Cameron's movie "Avatar" lol.


10/27/2016 10:09 am  #6

Re: My personal technique to the joy

What kind of feelings you experience? You have a complex way of describing common feelings. Do feel relaxed? I know about the feelings of Oneness. To me it is quite simple. The liquid mind must be your emotions? They are always changing.


10/27/2016 11:23 am  #7

Re: My personal technique to the joy

Thunderbow wrote:

What kind of feelings you experience? You have a complex way of describing common feelings. Do feel relaxed? I know about the feelings of Oneness. To me it is quite simple. The liquid mind must be your emotions? They are always changing.

Its like a drug going on constantly via the nervous system. Naturally.  Has nothing to do with feelings from the emotional body. Associating it as feelings from the emotions or the mind will make it seem complex. Nor is it possible to understand that way as far as i can see. The intoxication doesnt change it is there as it is yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

Its a causeless phenomena that supercedes the body, mind, and emotions.

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10/27/2016 1:08 pm  #8

Re: My personal technique to the joy

Is this a feeling? I am confused here. The mind and body is connected, so how is this outside of them?. Thank you for being patent with me.


10/27/2016 1:45 pm  #9

Re: My personal technique to the joy

Thunderbow wrote:

Is this a feeling? I am confused here. The mind and body is connected, so how is this outside of them?. Thank you for being patent with me.

Yes of course and why its hard to articulate. And why i used the word drug although there is no taking of drugs.

Emotions come about from the mind and such. The intoxicating joy im trying to articulate here is independent of the mind. In that emotions cant block it. It is also independent of the body cause it can be in pain or what not and that does not block the intoxicating joy. This is what i was attempting to explain but with more descriptions of how i experience it in the earlier post.

So its going on without concern of circumstances of life and emotions. The intoxicating joy is independent of that and always there.

But although its always there it doesnt mean that it doesnt become stronger at times. There is always a baseline. This i failed to mention and where feeling into a greater depth comes in although its already there continuously. Many things can strengthen it and make it become deeper. And doing that makes it so. So in my experience there is no end to the depth.

When im saying feeling into a greater depth all that means is if i do something that makes it go deeper. Noticing that and doing it again for growth is what i mean by feeling into a greater depth.

Thanks for your questions.

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10/29/2016 7:39 pm  #10

Re: My personal technique to the joy


So i have been doing some testing to replay what i did that seemed to be a great benefit to me.

So i got some music going.

I got my throat chakra going finding where i seemed to get the most power. Power is i suppose i could refer to it as like a vibration and a stronger flow of energy. Kinda dance around with it by feel..

Doing this opens up the energy centers. A lot of the power i found comes from the stomach actually.

Then what i found i used to do by playing around is then direct the power of energy to the areas that need the most opening.

It goes by feel and using the tongue like a way of directing the flow of current.

Moving my tongue i direct the energy into the channels around and up through the top of my head. Intentionaly clearing out and opening my third eye and channels that feel like come from around my throat upward.

Everything in any case gets blown more open. Tested around with it three or four times to get my memories back about it. I found that its still a good exercise for me and i probably should of never stopped doing it. So im going to make a habit to every few days blow everything open with my old exercise. Its been years since i been in any habit of doing it.

As far as the music part it works best by changing it up often. Since it been so long i started by using the harmonics of what worked best before. The alice in chains deal. But like i remember it gets worn out and then works better moving on to something else. I remember metallica working good before. So think i will try that next.

It was fun experimenting with it again after so long.

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