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9/28/2016 9:57 pm  #11

Re: My experience this weekend with a Peruvian Healer

Native spirit wrote:

Spiritually deb

that's what I thought  

People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

11/07/2016 3:24 am  #12

Re: My experience this weekend with a Peruvian Healer

I've been to Peru three times as my wife and her family are from there.  I'm going back this January.  I would say to be careful with this fellow.  I'm not saying he isn't on the level, but Peruvians are very crafty.  My wife would say Peruanos are "moscas" or crafty like a fly.  Most of the country is modernized.  Even the tribal area I visited had electricity and they lived in normal houses.  They do have uncontacted tribes, but they live in the Amazon which is highly trafficked by narcos.  Flutes are not outlawed there...I have one I bought from there hanging in my house.  I drive my dog nuts playing with it.  Most of the Incas live up in the mountains and most of them are Catholic.  Reiki is from Japan so you might not be getting an authentic experience of Peruvian tribal medicine.  He might be an ayahuascuero...that is something I would like to learn.  By the way, you had a good spiritual experience and that's awesome!  I'm glad this guy helped you get there.


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