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6/02/2016 7:26 pm  #1

New to the site


I was invited by (((Native Spirit))) http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

I have not been to a forum for some time. 
I work full time for a Native Casino as an Administrative Assistant doing Payroll, and a zillion other things. Been working for them since 1996. I've lived on a reservation since 1976. Was married to a Cahuilla Indian for 22 years before he died of Cancer in 1999, and a broken heart after our son was killed in 1997. I have one other child, a daughter 37; 1 grandson almost 17, and two granddaughters 3 years and 1 year. 

I am a Virgo, independent, creative, loyal, a poet, writer, quilter/machine embroidery, like to dabble in painting. 
In the process of building a Medicine Wheel on my property by myself. Sister-in-law's spouse brought me 2 loads of REZ granite rocks & boulders. Started just a few days ago and boy those boulders are sure heavy. I'm putting up a 5-foot tall slope and about 50 foot across rock wall behind the medicine wheel. I am not Native in this lifetime but I think I am going to make my Medicine Wheel with native plants, animals, and some herbs. I think I'm going to paint all the animals on rocks. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. 

My beliefs are very spiritual. Not Religious, I don't put a title on my beliefs but I do Speak My Truth without hesitation. I have many totem animals. I've seen an amazing beautiful buffalo in the evening twilight on a story, cloudy evening. I've physically seen a native Apparation in 2010 I asked who he was and heard Father. I've been told I've had several past lives as a Native. I have a beautiful Apache Spirit Guide named "Star Heart" and she rides a bear. I asked to see her and she showed herself to me on four different occasions. I actually have her in a photograph from an orb; you can clearly see the bear in front of her. 

I choose the owl for my avatar because I love owls and they have a special meaning in my life. A white owl presented itself to me on two occasions; both were the night before my son was killed and my husband died. Followed me up the road at twilight, the same road 18 months apart. And later on, I had a beige owl come to me in a dream up the same road but on the opposite side of the road (right) and followed me up the road. I asked a Navajo man what that meant and he said that the white owls were messengers letting me know that my loved ones were going to pass and the beige one was going to follow me through  the rest of my life as a guide. 

I could go on and on. Life is an experience.



People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

6/03/2016 1:54 am  #2

Re: New to the site

Hello deb nice to see you here

The spoken word always comes back as whispers in the wind.

6/03/2016 9:45 pm  #3

Re: New to the site

Thank you  

People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 
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6/06/2016 7:35 am  #4

Re: New to the site

Oki and welcome to the Forum Deb.


Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


6/07/2016 3:50 pm  #5

Re: New to the site

Welcome to my new Native forums. Thank You for your introduction.


6/09/2016 10:11 pm  #6

Re: New to the site

Thanks everyone. 

People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 
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