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9/10/2016 11:19 pm  #1

Angel Face & Grandson's task

01-09-11 - Angel Face & Gabe burying Tommy
Last night I had a flash of an angel statue's face in my vision to my left.
The statue was all cream color. I was laying on my right side so my eyes were brought to the left.
A dream mater that night - we were at the house I grew up in, my daughter and others were in the kitchen and my son needed buried, so "they" sent my grandson to bury him.
I am surprised I wasn't saying no. He came back and I was very surprised he did it all by himself, he was feeling sick, said he almost thru up doing it. He was just a little guy! Not even as old as he is now (11). I was holding him and cuddling him and telling the others, how could you do this? He is only a child; he shouldn't have done this all by himself.
PS My son was killed by a drunk driver August 25th 1999. 

People do not remember words as much as they remember experiences. 

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