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8/18/2016 1:18 am  #1

Series of dreams in the last week....

 Hey everyone, Apologies in advance if this is a long post, but I have had three very impacting dreams in the last week that I feel are important in giving messages to me. I ask that my guides etc communicate with me through my dreams and recently I have been asking them to show me the nature of my life path. So below are three dreams that I had in one week, I would really appreciate your interpretations to each dream and what you feel they mean together if you see a connection or pattern? That would be very much appreciated  First Dream:I had a dream that my partner died. It felt like that because I wasn't appreciating him fully as he is now, he was taken away. I was aware of this dynamic in the dream. We was together doing normal things and then he just disappeared. I think he died from some sort of accident. But I was crying my eyes out as soon as I realised he wasn't there and I knew I had made a massive mistake!

Then in the dream I was distraught in my bedroom, I remembered that he would be with me in spirit and that I can be with him in this way. So I began to connect to him and he was with me already from the moment he had passed. We shared intimate moments together and shared our feelings. I was just so upset he wasn't there anymore with me to touch. But it was a new more developed feeling that we were connecting spiritually....
 Second Dream:There was a damaged Robin in the road chirping. I was with friends. I gently went over towards the Robin and held my hands out. I scooped him up and was looking for a vets to take him. The bird was trying to fly but his wings wouldn't work. As I was holding the Robin he started to get better, and flew in the air. I was sad he flew away so I whistled and he came back round to me from over the trees and landed in my hands again. Then the birds trainer appeared behind me and said "He doesn't listen to anyone else, Good Job!"

Afterwards I was singing with no fear and it sounded really beautiful...
 Third Dream:When I woke up, I was just dreaming that I was in a meeting room, that was dimly lit with a fire, it was grand and had wooden furnishings etc. We were having what felt like an important discussion around one end of a large table, someone said to me behind my shoulder that I was a "'Devil Intuitive' that sought to empower people".

It felt important and quiet specific, I was surprised to hear the Devil in my dream as I don't recall that being said before. I am wondering if this is a message from my guides etc to what my life purpose/abilities are, as I have been asking about this to be more specific rather than just "helping people" or is it just a dream that has other meaning in it? Would love to hear your thoughts/interpretations. I am also wondering what 'Devil Intuitive' could mean exactly.... Thanks guys, look forward to your responses

Warm wishes



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Re: Series of dreams in the last week....

In the first dream you are connecting to Yourself on a more spiritual level. You are appreciating yourself on a more spiritual level.

The Robin dream is about your own healing, and letting yourself be free.You are listening to your own inner voice.

"Devil Intuitive" also means your are listening to your own inner voice. Your following your own intuition. "Devil" is rebellion or following your own rules.

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Re: Series of dreams in the last week....

Thank you Thunderbow, this brings me much peace to know this. I appreciate your help!

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