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9/24/2018 11:40 pm  #1

Trip to France dream

Dreamt I was on holiday in France with Matt and a couple of guys were sharing a room with us. It was my school awards or something. I was putting my clothes in the washing machine and one of the guys stood in front of me with his crutch in my face. I was saying how disgusting that was and asking him to move but he wouldn't so I kept on putting my clothes in the machine and turnt it on. Later I went for a walk with my old friend Danielle. I had a dress on but no shoes or anything else. Everyone from school was gathered in a giant lobby of a shopping centre for the meeting. There was a statue near where I was standing. I was looking at it and it's inscriptions. I think it was Satan or a demon. It's eyes would follow whoever activated it no matter where they walked and it had a big smile on its face. I was waiting to leave and my ex Tom was there, I didn't want to look at him but I knew he was right there. I could his friends with him and Maddy was folding some clothes she just got out the machine herself. Then I got my dog Lady and was walking with my mum and sister Chloe, Lady was happy to be out and I was making her sure she was ok. At one point a big woman walked past and trod on her a bit so I checked on her and she was ok. Then they were going to the shops and looking in them, I was just walking with them to leave after to go home. Chloe and I were having such a laugh messing around together we was laughing so much.  As we was walking across an open courtyard there was a giant golden statue of a bear with pink mixed in at the top. It was so beautiful and I asked them to take a picture for me as I didn't have anything. Then we had to get on a bus/coach thing. We got on the back like the old buses and there was a bar downstairs. They asked if I wanted a drink but I said no. When we was going up the stairs the bus was moving so it was really hard to hold on and walk up the stairs without falling down. When I got upstairs mum lay across the back seat. I sat down at the back and Chloe had no seat next to us so she went to get a drink.  I was looking at my feet with no shoes on a realised I left all my stuff in the washing machine. I was wondering if the hotel would be able to send it to me. The bus was driving along a mountain pass, driving up the walls of the turns a bit so it didn't fall over or crash. I was thinking I've got a long way to go on this coach home. And I woke up. I felt straight away that I miss my sister, I haven't seen her for years. And the bear stood out and also that other statue.

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10/19/2018 11:58 am  #2

Re: Trip to France dream

Seems like you were leaving somethings behind as you move on in life.


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