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8/04/2016 6:52 am  #1

Ravens, Jackdaws and Crows, messangers from the Ancestors.

Some of you will know about Mystic the Jackdaw who decided to share his life with me and how he landed up here injured one day. Well life has been ever interesting and entertaining, and when Mystic typical of all the Corvus family of birds extends you an invitation to enter there realms to join them in there ancient worlds and realities of mystery, myth, magic, beauty and power.  You have to wake up and take note.

If you are chosen by them to walk with them they will guide you on a medicine journey that will take you back to source, this invitation is never given lightly and is given but once so your better to except and follow it than decline it, because Mystic and his kind are the messengers and helpers of the Ancestors and the Thunder beings. And as such this invitation comes direct from them. So my journey with Mystic into his different realms and realities began. Though most of this Journey is personal for me, some of it over time I can share with you, and I keep getting little reminders in my everyday life of this connection.

At times like all humans I question things that's part of growing and pretty normal. But it sure is a comfort when something totally off the wall that you have no control over happens to remind you that things are correct and are as they should be. Such a thing happened to me yesterday.So yesterday morning just as every morning Mystic has his family come to visit. They all line up on the phone line outside my bedroom window and then jump down onto the window ledge when I put some food out for them and leave the window open for them to visit with Mystic.Well this time things happened a bit differently because as I opened the window I noticed 4 things on the window ledge. Where Mystic normally sits was a bug and a shell, and where I normally hang out by the open window was a feather and a strawberry.

Well I had to smile as the big male Jackdaw cawed at me with a mischievous look in his eyes. I thanked him for the gifts and picked mine up. Mystic jumped out on the ledge, ate his bug and held onto his shell which he now has added to his collection of shiny and interesting things, and I put the food out for him to share with his family.

Now I’ve heard of Ravens, Crows and other Corvus doing this before just not Jackdaws who are the smallest member of the Raven and Crow family. But it was a really nice gift to receive and great to know that they do this as a way of showing you that your a member of there family. That alone is a humbling feeling for a totally wild animal or bird to choose you as a friend, when in all other circumstances humans are feared by them.Later during the morning as normal I was out feeding the chickens, I always put some food out on the bird table for Mystic's family as they live up in the disused chimney at the far end of my home. They always circle around and follow me around the place and I've kind of become part of there flock and they hang around me as I work.

They know Mystic is hurt and will never fly as they had been looking after him when he was injured but they couldn’t keep all the predators away from him when he was on the ground. They saw Mystic jump onto my hand that morning I found him which was his free choice and they know that I keep him fed and safe from harm, I also make sure he has time outside each day to see them until his Avery is built under the trees where they hang out most of the day. So I’ve gained a new family and friends which is something I really respect and honor.

The Jackdaws have extended this also to my chickens as they watch over them and alert me to any predators being around or if something is a miss. Its happened a few times now, to the point that even in the dark at some crazy hours of the night they come to my window and bang there beak on the glass and Caw to alert me. So because I listen to them Ive been able to save the chooks from being attacked by the Pine Martens which they then proceeded to mob until it ran away. Until this point I really didn't know that they physically flew in the dark but they do.

I guess that's partly where the European superstition of them being linked to the darkness partly came from. I find this kind of strange as to my people they bought us back the light of the sun from the darkness.
Before they did this their feathers were rainbow colored, but the sun burnt them so they turned dark. But if you look on a sunny day you can still see the muted rainbow colors in there feathers.

From there reaction to the Pine marten and the looks of his injury I’m pretty sure its the Pine marten that harmed Mystic. The Jackdaw’s except the others who live or visit here being around but they wont come in close to them, that’s what made me realize at first that they really do class me as part of there family. Today’s gifts just re affirm that but for all the good feelings its still a very humbling experience knowing that something wild chooses to share something so closely with you. and the strawberry tasted great by the way http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cool.png

Anyhow I just thought I’d share a bit of the craziness that happens here periodically.

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Re: Ravens, Jackdaws and Crows, messangers from the Ancestors.

Out at my camp, a Robin checks me out, and two squirrels. The same ones visit me every day, They approach me and my shield that I have hanging in a near by tree. I do not put any food out. Other birds make their daily rounds through my camp.


8/20/2016 1:54 am  #3

Re: Ravens, Jackdaws and Crows, messangers from the Ancestors.

Your post is fascinating Maikan, thank you for sharing. Around my house there are always lots of Parakeets, Crows and other small birds too. When I walk into my close/road they all start going wild lol flying around, sweeping in front of me, cawing, looking at me as I walk in. I feel like there is a connection there, and at times I get impressions/messages or like a knowing from them, but I've never been sure what it was or what it meant....But I will see if this relationship can develop into something more....


11/27/2016 1:04 pm  #4

Re: Ravens, Jackdaws and Crows, messangers from the Ancestors.

last weekend we had the tree surgeons come to remove two huge dead trees, we noticed whilst it was going on 4 Buzzrds were circling above us lol needless tosay we survuved and they went hungry http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

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