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3/05/2018 5:29 pm  #1

Wall of doorways, monkeys and light dream

I was on holiday and was in a scene with some Arab men. They were busy setting some ropes and lighting lanterns with oil to light up a doorway. It was a wall with a  series of arched doorways with paths squiggling to them and it seemed inside the wall was the centre. There were about 5-10 of them working together and quickly to keep the light on. I walked to the side to look at another path and there were hundreds of monkeys swarming through and this one they were just starting to come through as the light had just gone out. The monkeys looked like baboons but only because they were big and brown the tough monkeys that can hurt but I only saw the front of them looking at me and the sides of their strong sandy bodies of brown fur. Three or four started walking through the doorway to the left so I quickly stepped back onto the other path back with the men who were lighting the furthest on the right door. They were doing it as light as possible and reinforcing the light. They were showing and explaining to me as they were doing what they was. They had beards, sandals and long rag robe secured around the waist. They looked strong even though they weren't particularly physically big, they looked happy and determined. With handsome faces and a look of warmth. Then I woke up.

I had been worrying today that I've not remembered my dreams lately so I've just woke up after sleeping for an hour. Will now be going back to sleep for the night. Could this dream mean the monkeys are in my brain or across my path and the men are working to keep the light lit on the right path or inside of me?


3/06/2018 1:20 am  #2

Re: Wall of doorways, monkeys and light dream

The dream shows you are happy and determined, and strong. The men were working to keep the light on the right path inside of you.


3/06/2018 5:09 am  #3

Re: Wall of doorways, monkeys and light dream

That's awesome! Thank you very much! I also felt like it had another meaning. You know recently I was considering an old partner, I saw through him the other day and realised he says what I want to hear, and keeps the truth from me and if I was with him it would probably upset me that the dream of what was created would not be true. So I felt the side step onto another path may have represented that, and then panicking and moving back to the path of light what I was on in the first place. Even though my current relationship can be challenging, from a spiritual perspective I feel I've been harsh towards him for his perceived issues on the material plane, when on a deep level, this is where I am meant to be right now. I trust God is guiding our lives at this time so this must show in the dream too with the men working hard to keep the light alive. Thank you Thunderbow!

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