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2/27/2018 12:41 am  #1

Dream married ex

I was at my parents house. I was sitting at the table with an ex. My mum come home, I said mum this is....and she interrupted and said Christiaan and gave him a kiss and said hello. I said he had no-where to go and he needs to stay here for the night. Had to hide him from dad. I was putting all his work clothes in a room so they were out of sight. Dad came home, I tried hiding Christian behind the door but dad saw him, after I explained what was going on, he didn't seem too happy but accepted the situation. Christiaan said to me he needs a shower, I said as soon as we can I will sort it. Everyone was out again but we were being together and kissed. Then mum came back and I thought he could have had a shower in that time.

Then the dream changed and I saw myself marrying my ex Christiaan. I was very happy and felt fulfilled. It seemed to be my dream which is a relaxed beach wedding and a beautiful white lacy dress. We had just become a married couple. The sun was shining. Then I woke up.

Yesterday my partner Matt and I had an argument. I couldn't be bothered to deal with the drama as he was taking out his stress on me. But I wanted to be a bigger person than that so I sat with him and listened to everything he said which was insightful and meant we were able to find resolution. As we were in bed my mind kept thinking of me ex. I asked God why, and can this be taken away from me, as I thought it may be my lower mind trying to distract me in some way. I felt bad thinking of him sitting right next to my partner. I asked God to not let me think of him anymore, o help me to let go of that. Then I had this dream so I'm not sure what the message is here.

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Re: Dream married ex

Christiaan may represent your relaxed feelings. Apart of yourself that feels relaxed and free. You were trying to hide this part of yourself from your more critical self. Do you feel this way when your with Matt? or do you wish you felt this way when you are with him? This may explain the intrusive thoughts.


2/27/2018 9:55 am  #3

Re: Dream married ex

I see, yes I feel it's hard to relax around him when he is in his moods which is most of the time! He worries and is usually on the attack or defense I find it exhausting. Unless he grows up I can't keep going like this. I said to him yesterday if he's not happy with me and his life then he needs to do what makes him happy if that is with or without me. I've worked on the mind games that used to drag me down and he hasn't and it's affecting me now because I've had enough of all of that. Maybe it was accepting this in myself too, a union inside me instead of being unbalanced and not being willing to let go of what is no longer good for me. I'm there for him and he'll be alright but then it's not long until he's back at it again. I'm being less critical with myself and allowing to let go of the need to control my life and who is in it. I trust God will guide me to what is mine. I wish I could feel relaxed and free with Matt but it seems I don't. Christiaan is relaxed and carefree, who he is represents how I want to live my life. I don't know if I am to be patient and stick things through with Matt because he has changed a lot and grown up in ways, it's just like he is behind me in time so it can be frustrating but i do believe deep down he loves me but it's whether or not he will adapt so our life can be relaxed etc. Or I don't know if I'm being disillusioned with Matt and it's to do with self esteem why I won't just let go and do better for myself with more stable people who enjoy me for who I am like Christiaan did and does. And that these thoughts and us having a magnetism is because we are meant to be and I am wasting time being with Matt. Or whether thoughts of Christiaan are bad and not helpful when I need to focus on the relationship I do have. I imagine feeling free without Matt. But at the same time when things are good between us I wouldn't change anything. This is something I decided last night to just give this whole situation to God as I really don't know. And was surprised to dream of marrying my ex! So I don't know if this is a literal sign that it is him that I will marry or showing clearly what choice to make.

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Re: Dream married ex

Matt is immature and you know it. Thus the choice, feel free as you done before, or cope with immaturity. Ask yourself is the price to much? Or are you willing to pay the price of coping? How far are you willing to go? Be honest with yourself.


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Re: Dream married ex

I see, really I don't feel I could spend my whole life with someone that chooses to wind me up all the time and be immature. I don't want to change him or him to feel he needs to change, but I guess if he wants us to work together he will have to grow up! I do miss that free & relaxed feeling in my life. I see the choice clearly now, all the 'problems' and 'annoyances' come down to him being immature. It is sad really because I love him so much, its hard to think of letting someone go because they cause stress in my life when I love them so much, but I guess I need to learn to love myself more. Thanks Thunderbow!

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Re: Dream married ex

Always follow your Heart. 


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Re: Dream married ex

Thank you I will <3

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