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2/17/2018 2:19 am  #1

Peace dove that turned into Chinese genie

Matt and I were cuddling/embracing each other in our neighbours garden below us as we are 1st floor and have a balcony. We was just holding each other and being loving. Then we saw a peace dove glide towards us, it was looking at us intently and looked otherworldly instead of a dove you would see here on earth. It was almost like it was made of china, it looked so delicate and pure, and it had a pastel pink blue and yellow/white colouring. It stopped a meter away from us and we was staring at it and it was staring at us. Then the peace dove turned into an Asian (Chinese) woman/being that was floating like a genie. She had a beautiful and wise face, she emitted peace from her and had a cloud like bottom to her, like her physical form was floating on her cloud legs. Then the dream changed to some kind of game. She then had a leather top on and lent forward with her arms out in front and to the side of her. We triggered a switch or helped her upright with our minds or intentions and she bolted back up again, I noticed she had a contraption on her that had strings to her arms and around her body, black leather harness almost. So she was up again and fell forward again but this time one of her boobs was uncovered and me and Matt looked at each other like what the hell. And I thought what's going on here why are her boobs out, what is controlling her, it seemed strange. Then we helped her to be back up again, it was like it would have continued but I woke up.


2/17/2018 9:14 am  #2

Re: Peace dove that turned into Chinese genie

In the 1st part of the dream she shows your free and peaceful higher self. In the 2nd part you feel like you are being manipulated. This could mirror some of the aspects of your relationship with Matt. Look at your relationship and see how this dream might fit in.


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