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2/16/2018 12:58 am  #1

3 horses dream

There were three horses with me. I was caring for them and managing them, making sure they were well. As far as i can remember they were all that browny red colour and one of them that  I was stroking on the nose had a light coloured hair. I could see the horses face close to me in the dream and we was talking with each other. There was nothing else around but darkness but I could see we was standing in an open field at the same time but my vision in the dream was a bubble around me and the three horses.


2/16/2018 8:21 am  #2

Re: 3 horses dream

You were connecting with your own power in this dream.


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2/16/2018 8:32 am  #3

Re: 3 horses dream

That's brilliant! I've started Reiki this week and I feel good about it. I wonder if both are linked, Thank you! 

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