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12/08/2017 2:37 pm  #1

Dream of shaman and forest

I dreamed I was in a place I'd gone to a spirit festival. I'm given a left /right " choice " by someone and I choose right and start following a group of people. I see others going to the left. Someone calls my name , I look round and it's a shaman. He says " you're buying into the division " I stop following , look around and see a big projection screen in the middle of the room with the earth and going out into the universe film on it. I go and watch the film , other people are watching too , they are all races. Then I'm in a forest trying to find a way through - I think I know the way but I don't , I dont know where I'm going. I find a path running alongside a building and follow that , then I see a group of people heading towards an entrance I assume to inside the building which I can't see but I think I'll follow them to get back to " safety ". The shaman appears again In front of me but this time dressed normally in everyday clothes.  He says " look what you're doing  "

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12/09/2017 9:14 am  #2

Re: Dream of shaman and forest

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In this dream the Shaman is you, or what you might say, your higher self. You may have been dreaming about todays political situation, and warning yourself not to follow the crowd. Or be misled by Political Propaganda. Your are telling yourself to follow your own path in life. Sometimes people find safety in numbers.


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Re: Dream of shaman and forest

Thank you for the interpretation Thunderbow

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