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11/20/2017 12:38 am  #1

Graduation ceremony with old connections

I was at an educational institution. It was a graduation ceremony. Me and Matt was there with Molly and Scott. My sister Chloe was there too but we wasn't talking to each other much like she had the hump with me. From what I remember, she didn't have legs, she had prosthetic ones. My mum was supposed to pick me up but didn't. Her and step dad were late, nowhere to be seen. I was sitting in the audience looking through glass doors and I could see Tom, my last serious relationship, and I thought of all people he won't expect my face to be the first he see's. Lisa my old friend asked Chloe if she could borrow a set of her prosthetic legs and she said yeah.  Was outside with my best mate Millie and Scott was with her now not Molly and old mate Lisa was sitting with me. They were making out, I was sitting there wondering where everyone was. My dad turnt up outside the coffee shop we was in smoking a cigarette. Was back to Molly and Scott. Introduced them to my dad and asked him for a cigarette, he didn't want to but gave me some of his second one. Later Matt was with me again. We cuddled and got on with dream, there wasn't much more I remember other than being out and about together.


11/20/2017 9:48 am  #2

Re: Graduation ceremony with old connections

The dream could mean you feel some of those people in real life and not standing on their own two legs. But are depending on other people.You are getting on with your life now.


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