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11/06/2017 1:43 am  #1

Boyfriend cheating sobbing my heart out

I dreamt that my partner was cheating on me we was in a shack house and there was this young blonde slim girl Matt was interested in her and I soon realised that he was more interested in her than me. They were starting to cuddle and kiss and I could see that he was falling for her but there was nothing I could do I could see that he really was into her when I watched his face as he was moving towards her to kiss her I could feel that emotion and it broke my heart. The dynamic of the dream was that he didn't want to hurt me or leave me but he couldn't help himself and he knew he had messed up with me once he had done this and there was no going back. I was in the room next door on the floor crying my eyes out crying my heart out really and he kept coming back in to try and sort things out but I said to him that he had already taken action with her and that's why I couldn't forgive him for that so he kept coming back to her and cuddling in bed he came back again and I asked if you had had sex with her and he said no but I knew it was going to happen I told him to go away and not come back but the damage had been done and I pushed the door on him closed. Then his friends kept coming in to check if I was okay but I was the saddest I've ever felt. I couldn't believe that this was it between us and there was no going back.

I feel particularly upset and somewhat scared about this dream. Last night before bed I drew a tarot from God and a tarot from Guardian angel. I got shield yourself from God and Twin flame with GA. What stood out to me was the angel on both cards, it was Michael. So I asked for my twin flame to be there in my dreams and talk to me through my dreams so I am upset to have had a dream like this. Does the slim girl represent a new me or a healthier me that has left the old me behind? Or is it that he has or will move on?  Am I getting over old hurts where I've been cheated on or is this showing me that he's bound to end up cheating like a human nature sort of message? I don't know what this means in this context.


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Re: Boyfriend cheating sobbing my heart out

I will go for the the slim girl is the new you. But also the dream means you feel isolated from him because of his immature behavior. Also the slim girl could be the Old You. Meaning he feels more comfortable with the old you. What fits best for you?


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Re: Boyfriend cheating sobbing my heart out

When I told him about the dream, he said the slim girl is me and that he loves me very much. And he'll massage me later to cheer me up. So I've lost a lot of weight recently which would point to the slim girl being the new me. But the only confusing thing is she had blonde hair and I dyed my hair dark blonde/brown recently so I don't know if that means he prefers the blonde hair. He keeps talking about wanting to use an old drug he was addicted too and honestly I don't want him too, we ended up disagreeing about it, he says I should let my hair down and have fun I said I am having fun just not in the way you feel I should e.g drinking alcohol and taking drugs. So the separation may be due to this. I feel the slim girl was young and naive in a sense, like maybe he misses that because now I am much more grown spiritually and I don't blindly accept things that I used too when we first met.

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Re: Boyfriend cheating sobbing my heart out

She sort of fits into the older you. Drugs and drinking can lead to separation, and the separation you felt in the dream.


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