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11/04/2017 1:09 am  #1

Dream of brother in law again!

Yesterday evening we went to see my partners brother and his family. I dreamt  again last night of my brother in law. It felt much more than the last one I had (which was more sexual and desire), it was like we was totally in love and merging together on a spiritual level in a pool of blissful energies. I could see us both looking brighter than I could imagine, we looked very beautiful and was loving each other continuously. The energy around us was this soft orangy coral colour with other threads of colour and bright light, we was floating in this spiritual ecstasy.

Is this a dream of a part of me being merged? Following the initial sex dream?  Or could it mean something more? I remember I had a vision once of a beautiful dark haired angel (what I believed to be an angel) looking down at me from above, in the same bright light smiling very lovingly at me. I felt like it was my love, a part of me that was soon to come, I felt it was someone else like a soulmate or maybe my twin soul but I wonder if it was a part of me instead like my own higher self, but he also looked very similar to my brother in law which I have only realised now after having these dreams. what does this dream mean? Thank you.


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