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10/17/2017 12:10 am  #1

Dream of great floods and packing

I was in a house there was going to be floods so I was preparing for this. I've packed a suitcase of all my most needed clothes my jewellery and all of my crystals. I remember being shocked and impressed in the dream at how many crystal I actually have. I then went out to the town and was getting last-minute supplies and checking out the area for potential damage. I was looking around and working out where the flood would penetrate and to see if I would be affected. I realise that where we was living was on the highest peak of land so I knew we had the best chance. My family were in the house and my partner. They weren't taking the floods as serious as I was and therefore was not packing anything.

Reflecting on what this may mean to me...
I feel all this time (the last 10 years) I haven't known my true self and therefore what is best for me. Work called me in for a meeting yesterday to ask if I'm okay as my tone on the phone it's a bit harsh. They said that I'm amazing at my job and they are impressed with my training skills but they don't want me to be in a job that makes me unhappy, the loud noises and artificial lights really bother me too. I realise that after two years of looking for other work but not being fully committed that I need to find work that suits who I am. My personalising type is INFP, so I need to find work that suits who I am and not in a loud, annoying CallCenter with moany clients. Up until now I don't feel I could've known any better but now I know who I am I must honour this. Yesterday was a shock for me and I felt like maybe all this time I had been ignoring or not doing what I actually need to do; let go of fear of giving up the stability of my job and follow my true path.  I asked God and the angels for help as I just feel like I don't know what to do in my life and I felt great despair yesterday. So does the dream represent my excess of trapped emotions or is it a message to me in response to my calls for help? I'm really struggling with my life at the moment, I know if I changed my attitude slightly and was more patient and tolerant of the customers we have then I would probably do better, but I realise I don't really want to work with people and deal with customers all day like this. I want to be getting on with my own job, using my intellect and creativity. I thought of getting a career coach but they seem way out of my budget so it seems I will have to figure this out for myself. I'm hoping there may be a message in this dream, interpretation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Re: Dream of great floods and packing

I asked God for a tarot card message, I got the card, "You are a powerful lightworker". It says the card comes to me because the angels want to help me feel comfortable with my spiritual power. It says divine power flows though me when I hold the intention to conduct a healing or give a reading. It says it is safe to feel or channel this power as it is not a personal or ego driven force.
I feel this resonates so much with this situation I am going through because I know I have a strong Spirituality within me that I can use for good but I feel scared of it and wonder if it is what I feel it is etc, I feel not following my Spirituality in this way is blocking my progress. Maybe this is what the flooding means...

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10/21/2017 9:20 am  #3

Re: Dream of great floods and packing

Call Centers can the the most stressful jobs one can find. In you dream you are preparing to move on to a new job that fits who you are better.The crystals are your learning experience, or gems of knowledge.


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