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10/14/2017 9:06 pm  #1

Woke at 4am dreaming of partner niece and deep feelings

I Woke up at 4am and was dreaming of my partners baby niece at her house. She needed comforting and my partner was holding her on the sofa at his brothers house and he was beginning to feed her. I was sitting on another sofa there watching, looking at her soft beautiful hair and tiny body and wishing it was me that was holding her and caring for her. I felt sad and wanted to stroke her hair and cuddle. My partners niece is 18 months old now but in the dream she was a bit younger maybe 12 months old.

I felt sad when I woke up and asked what this dream message was and I felt initially it was because I want my own baby. Also has feelings that the baby could represent me and wanting to look after myself, possibly because my partner  had been disrespectful towards me last night and I went to bed early feeling upset and alone. Just to put it into perspective, he asked me if I would get his takeaway order from the front door, it was 10pm, he always asks me and I always do it and I always express I don't like doing it but sometimes I will say no and he'll just cut me off, I don't ever want to do it as I loathe answering the door to delivery drivers late at night, it scares me. Once I broke down in tears as I had this strange encounter with a young man delivery driver that looked like he wanted to kill me, I felt my energy had been violated it was a weird experience for me. So I feel even more dubious about this situation now. I said I wouldn't go to the door tonight and he had better not get the hump with me like he usually does, which looking at him about 10 minutes later he is seething and started being nasty when I asked if he was annoyed at me. In the other room I could hear him calling me selfish this and that. When I was In bed I also communicated to God that I feel selfish for wanting a child. I heard in reply that he will not have a baby in my womb. Also my younger sister didn't come over to my home last night when we had planned to last week so I was and still am feeling alone but like I don't want people in my life that hurt and disappoint me, maybe I feel that way about myself ultimately. Another strong feeling arising to the surface is I also feel frustrated lately that my partner keeps arranging for us to go to see people that take us away from our agreements and goals as a couple and he accepts events to go to that honestly I dont want to go to but I feel I need to, to support him and be a joint team, however I'm feeling very down about all these feelings. I feel this is a small snippet of a dream but has great meaning attached to it, but I'm not sure exactly what this dream means. Interpretation is greatly appreciated, especially if this is a deeper message to this overriding feeling I have. Thank you.


10/15/2017 9:22 am  #2

Re: Woke at 4am dreaming of partner niece and deep feelings

You got it right. You need to take care of yourself, and be more direct with your immature partner. He seems a bit to controlling.Something to work on here, for yourself.


10/17/2017 1:26 am  #3

Re: Woke at 4am dreaming of partner niece and deep feelings

Thank you Thunderbow!

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