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9/28/2017 11:52 pm  #1

Dream of my ideas and past ways

At the end of my dream I remember my partner Matt saying to me that I have ideas but then I don't do anything about them and they all disappear from the world again, he was explaining to me that I need to throw myself in like an entrepreneure and fully study and research these ideas that I have. I doubt these ideas thinking they were too big for me but they are not. In the dream I saw myself with my ex Tom,  I was wearing a mini mouse outfit, he said something about the future and I just ignored it but I could see with hindsight, watching us sitting there on a brick wall,  that if I heard what he was actually saying and followed this guidance in the first place it would have saved me a lot of bother.  It was like what he worried about was my true feelings and had I recognised this at the time then I would have saved myself a lot of time. Instead I have ignored this  and gone full circle until I have had the realizations regarding this wisdom. There was more to the dream earlier in the night but this is all I can remember.
Last  Night I was watching a programme about aliens, one episode was about how people throughout time have been prophets that have led humans in a certain direction and how these prophets are most likely from extra terrestrial origin. I found the program so interesting because these are all the things that I wonder about all the time but I didn't realise they are theories and there is lots of study into this. I've always believed from a young girl that I will be able to do things such as telekinesis and opening my brain to  basically perform the magic that we all have inside us. People have discouraged me from this but I do truly believe inside that I have capabilities to do this or at least study around this to provide information for others who may not believe in themselves to do so as well. I realise that somehow I let opportunities slip away from me but I didn't know how I was doing this as I wouldn't notice an opportunity in the first place. So I feel this dream is the answer, that I don't take full advantage of the big ideas that I have that could be brought into life by myself for others and myself. That the answers are provided to me in the moment and not month and months down the line, it is always there. What do you see?

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9/29/2017 9:49 am  #2

Re: Dream of my ideas and past ways

The dream say go with your heart when considering any new idea or decission.


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