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9/25/2017 12:47 am  #1

difficult dream with emotional ties

I found my clear quarts blue crystal after it going 'missing' last week or so, and this is the dream I had last night.

I was crying and crying because my mum wasn't with me. I had been excluded by people in Biggin Hill for having genital herpes but really I was just depressed. I was holding and hiding away my stomach. I was on a bus with my partner and he kept asking the driver for some cash. The driver said he will give some to him later and I told Matt to stop asking as this was inappropriate because the bus was so busy and to ask when everyone wasn't there.

Then I was on the bus on my own to get off at my mum's but I won't pass stop and the bus started going down the hill. I knew it was a long way back to get my mum's now. There was a girl on the bus who was picking on me and telling other people that we're driving behind to be mean aswell because of the herpes. I slid down in my chair and hid as well as I could. They were trying to throw things at me but I was well hidden. The dream felt very emotional sluggish in its movement and it felt difficult. I remember before all of the dream previous I was in a house and my stepdad was asking me to do things and wear things I didn't want to, my sister Chloe was there but I can't remember anything else about this part.

What does this dream mean?


9/25/2017 3:04 am  #2

Re: difficult dream with emotional ties

I feel this dream may be pointing to feelings of low self worth, and bringing my attention to the lack of nurturing within myself, for myself. I feel hiding my gut is to do with bad eating habits due to feelings of low self worth, which has a knock on effect on my body and how it functions, causing my long term depression. This is all I can see in this dream but I am not sure if this is what it means, and I don't know what the part of my partner asking for cash support and the house with my step dad means. Maybe because that part was before me crying over my mum, maybe the way my step dad was critical and bossy of me, caused me to loose my sense of self, and now I am coming out the other side of this path of self-neglect?
The girl picking on me, I always hear a critical voice in my mind, could this girl in my dream picking on me be a part of myself?

Biggin hill was an area I lived in with my mum and step dad and siblings before I left home to start a life with my now partner. Down the hill from my mums house is were my partners old house was, so I feel going down the hill on the bus may be connected to this change/movement in my life. Also when I lived in the area, I felt excluded from everyone because I had cheated on my previous boyfriend who was friends with everyone in the area and they all pretty much took his side. I wonder if this is why the herpes came in, as a show of at the time, sexual promiscuity. But knowing in the dream that really I was depressed, is this showing why I behaved the way I did?

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9/25/2017 11:01 am  #3

Re: difficult dream with emotional ties

Wow! You did a good Interpretation on this one.The girl picking on you was a part of yourself. The bus passing on, means you have passed beyond that point in your life. The dream shows you are healing from depression, as well showing your feelings about your real life situation.


9/26/2017 1:28 am  #4

Re: difficult dream with emotional ties

Yay that is great thank you Thunderbow! I am glad the bus shows that time has passed. I am glad to hear I am healing from the depression. I do try to interpret and understand them myself, sometimes it is difficult to see what it means but this one was easier. Had another mad dream last night I will post it now! Thank you again!

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