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8/25/2017 1:17 am  #1

Rotting roof, fake penis and brother dream

I was in a three story house and I went up to the roof area and I open the two windows, I'm sitting there looking out the window. I could see the roof from outside as if I was someone else looking at the scene, I could see the roof was all rotting compare to the other roofs. Me and my partner were getting close in the bedroom for some reason we had a big clear rubber penis we were oiling it up and using it as if we were having sex normally. Then my brother came in the room and I was telling him to stop being nosy because he was trying to see what I was hiding. I told him I didn't want to share a room any more because he was not listening to me I told him to go away. He did and I just remember lying there on the floor and reflecting on life. I felt a vague animosity about life.


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