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8/01/2017 11:34 pm  #1

Dream of playing with and protecting a little girl in an orphanage

I was talking to my friend on FaceTime messing around with each other and the scene changed. I was at an orphanage with an outside play area I was helping a little girl on a course, like a climbing frame and a bridge etc, at the end she was walking down some steps I was holding the Girl from behind so she didn't fall forward and half way down I held her arms from the front and was helping her jump down onto each step as they were irregular shapes and then we got to the last step I said ready and we done a big massive spinning around jump and I was spinning her around until I put her on the floor gently she was really happy and excited and was smiling from the playing. I remember feeling in the dream that this was amazing that I had this little girl and she was mine (even though she was my friends daughter at the beginning she felt like mine). I was awed by how beautiful and magical her little face was and I could see glitter in her aura. I felt really happy that I had a child and I remember feeling in the dream that this is what I've always wanted. What does this dream mean? Does it relate to my desire for a child or is it my own inner child? What does the orphanage mean I have never dreamt of this before. Many thanks.


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