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7/30/2017 3:00 am  #1

Establishment spying and testing, lion disintegrating dream

There was a group of people in authority that were trying to test everyone. They were always a step ahead and the only way to live here unscathed was to be good and follow the rules. They had tracking devices and cctv everywhere and in everything. They were testing me to see that I remained loyal to my partner. They kept sending men that showed me a romantic interest but I always turn them away. There was one  part were a big lion appeared as benevolent and was trying to be kind to lull me into a false sense of security but I knew it was a trap so I looked at the lion with an intense stare and it disintegrated into tiny red pixels. The surroundings were in a house/large establishment building that was dark and dingy especially in the hallways within the building. I remember parts were the people in authority were talking to me and working out what it was inside me that allowed me to rise above all that was going on and how I wasn't fooled by them and their tactics. There were more details to the dream such as conversations with these people but I cannot remember them.

What does this dream mean please?


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