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7/25/2017 6:20 pm  #1

How will I know my power animals?

I am wondering on how will I know my power animals, is it in dreams or unexpected moment it appears in front of me in waking life?

I had an experience that a sparrow slammed itself to death and died in front of me and it came out to be a warning on a highway, we passed by a smoke covering the highway on our way home.

Another experience was a decade ago, one firefly I found on my blinking answering machine that maybe attracted it.

A moth with red belly entered my home, it is very rare to find something like it here in the city.


7/26/2017 8:40 am  #2

Re: How will I know my power animals?

You will see your power animal in dreams and in real life. They are your guides and teachers. The 2016 Disney Move "Jungle Book" describes a power animal quite well. Look at how the boy in movie interacted with his Power Animals and how he learned from them. This will get you started on understanding power animals. They can also protect you as you saw in the movie.


7/29/2017 8:54 am  #3

Re: How will I know my power animals?

Yes, I thought nature was just joking but the oddity of seeing those insects and animals made me wonder what messages they want to convey. Most common were frogs, snails, butterflies, bees, sparrow always enters my home and don't want to get out, it just die and I felt it sacrificed its life again but for what?

On Jungle book, I love that movie, I have watched it several times and the song bare necessities is one of my favorite Disney songs because it reminds me of how simplify life.

Thanks, I'll watch it again.

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Re: How will I know my power animals?

In the move look at how the boy interacts with his power animal. Also see how they mirror parts of himself. What animal do you have powers in common with? The bear taught the boy to be resourceful. The wolf taught the boy to be loyal. The Panther taught the boy to be strong, and to use his gifts. They were Teaching Mirrors for the boy.

I had Mountain Lion visit my camp, I had Bobcat visit my camp, I had birds fly into my tent and land on my dreamcatchers. I had humming birds touch my medicine shield, they even touched me. One looked at me right in the eye. Even Elk visited my camp.




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7/30/2017 2:17 pm  #5

Re: How will I know my power animals?

Now I know what you mean. I look it up and their characteristics somehow described me.
I always felt that sacrificial sparrows I have encountered in my life were warnings.

Btw, that's amazing! You were really in the wilderness, nice pix.

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