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2/19/2017 10:07 pm  #1

I've died in a dream

In my real life a 25 year friendship has ended , partly due to my friend not respecting my work with a Shamanic practioner. Today I was clearing the trunk of my car as I'm thinking of changing it and I found some coins that had a little verdigris on them. I got a link on Facebook to a documentary about Shamanism but it was late and I decided to watch it another time. The dream starts with me making a cup of tea and I drop the coins into the tea and stir it. I can hear some people nearby saying " What is she doing ?! " but I ignore them and continue. I drink the tea then feel sleepy and go to sleep. The next part I am in my car going to see my therapist. I just miss the traffic lights  - they turn red and I have to stop. I catch they eye of a man sitting on a bench at the intersection and we smile at each other. Then I'm waiting for the lights to change. My appointment is for 5.30 and I can see on the clock it is 5.37 or 5.38 so I'm running a little late , but I think I don't have far to go and I will be there soon so this is OK. Then there are no lights on the traffic lights - I'm a little confused , but there is a message board attached to them and a message comes up which I can see but can't read. Suddenly the sky starts to change - the stars start moving then the sky pixelated and blue starts coming through. I'm amazed and look at the man on the bench - Wow , what's happening - can he see this ?! He looks at me like something is wrong , he can see that I'm dying. I seem to experience death but I'm still conscious - I hear a voice say " there is no pulse. Then I wake up. I'm not disturbed by the dream but I feel like I'm never going to be the same.


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