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1/28/2017 5:19 pm  #11

Re: I hate injustice

The first thing to happen to me when I went to 10 countries besides the USA was the destruction of socialistic constructs ingrained into me through the media, politics and various other organizations that wanted it that way for some reason here in the USA...

I was never racist. Not a single second in my life. However, I did not just have the fear of Islam until just recently (since 911) and before then it was people of black colour. I remember seeing a KKK rally once when my parents, sis and I went to the grocery as a child. The media ALWAYS talked about black people doing this and that in a negative way... That notion was also destroyed when I went to Ireland for 2 years. Even growing up I had a black friend, mexican friends, white friends but it was weird like I had these stereotypes about other human beings of difference to me...

I am so very much happy now that I've realized the truth to things... Race, nationality, sex, gender etc... only divide us and even though people in the world are opposites to what I am now I refuse to let me hold me back any longer. That is the main reason why I've studied so many different religions and ways of thoughts... Thats why I look into the eyes of everyone I meet... black, white, green, wearing a hijab or not, Christian, Islamic, Shamanistic, Atheist etc... until they prove me wrong. Because if you respect everyone for being who they want to be and they do not do the same then they are in the wrong and I do not want to be the one to "cast the first stone" and to be in the wrong. Of course, those who murder, rape, etc... others should be punished but through counseling and rehabilitation through public service, have psychologists and shamans help them with their mind issues so that one day they can become a true human once again. At that point, when someone changes (truly changes) we must not treat them as if they had done something wrong imho. In my eyes they are not the same being as before and I think that when someone gets to this point they will be living in a hellish nightmare anyway because they will have to live with what they had done...

sry for the rant I couldn't stop typing... a lot of this is kinda personal to me because as I have grown older and as I had looked back upon my late childhood, all teenage and early adult years as I've come into my own, I remark on how I didn't turn out to be a psychopath or something. Heck, I was around 8ish even when I went to a psychologist because of my behavior (self inflicting damage). I even used to kill animals for the fun of it. The parents didn't know that... I was a true monster like the people you see on tv and hear over the radio. I was on a knives edge for so long it was like a single gentle breeze could have tipped me fully over... thankfully I went the other way... But if I had tipped over... I would have wanted to be treated as I said but of course I can only say that now because I'm looking at this as someone who does have to live in a hellish nightmare everyday, who had stepped his foot into that world but had gotten out due to the grace of that which can not be explained (how I refer to "God") and my own unwavering desire to not be that being anymore.

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1/29/2017 8:20 am  #12

Re: I hate injustice

Thank you for such an intelligent response. You summed it all up better than I could. It is long thinking such as this that leads to widon and knowlege. We need to avoid short cut thinking.

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