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11/02/2015 12:25 pm  #1

Hauntings and Ghosts

Experienced a haunted house? or place outdoors? Seen an apparition? Talk about your ghost hunting experiences here.


4/05/2016 12:49 pm  #2

Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

I don't need to hunt them as they find me when they want me http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/smile.png

I live in a 200 yr old stone house built from the stones of an old castle that was on this land as well as standing stones, stone circles and ancient burial sites and battle feilds. So living here ghosts kinda come with the territory and every one here has gotten used to them being around including the animals. Two though are interesting and I know who they were and what they looked like, you see I know the  great grandson of the family that built this place, he still vaguely remembers his great, grand parents, he comes here each year to visit with his daughter and grand daughter and he's in his late 90's. 

Last visit I mentioned to his grand daughter about the ghosts, I couldnt really get out of it as one apeared and she saw it. So we got a good visual of the lady and mentioned it to the old man. He asked for a discription of it and dug through his bag for some old photo's, he found one very old picture and showed it to us, the ghost both his grand daughter and I saw was his Great Grandmother who built this place who was in the photo with her husband.

She apparently loved it here and loves children and she's always see her near my kids bedroom at the top of the stairs, apparently that was her room. There's no problem with her and she kind of keeps an eye on everything, I know her name and just acknowledge her when I see her as do my kids.

The other ghost here is her husband he's out in the old yard by the stables. He seems to keep an eye on the horses, they know he's there and will often watch him but there not worried by him I also know his name so just acknoewledge him. The great grandson and his family think its great to know that there ancestors are still around here and keep an eye on things and visit once a year with more photos and information and stories about the place for me.

I've lived or have been at other haunted places, some weren't so good to be around, at one place I lived yes I had to work to cleanse and protect that place it took a lot of work over several years but I managed it and kept it a nice place to live and be whilst I was there, nothing nasty around, but  bad events had happened over the centuries on that land so it wasn't something that I could totally clear.

I found out after I left there within a year it had turned back to being a very negative place again and the property now stands empty again. I no longer live in that country but friends of mine still do and go past that place once in a while. They say you don't want to be walking around there after dark as it really doesn't feel to good.

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Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

There are a lot of haunted places around me.  With several Civil War battlefields in the area, there are a lot of restless spirits in those areas.  I do not really go looking for ghost, they tend to be attracted in my direction as well.  I have helped a few find there way to the other side.   There was a malevolent spirit that has taken to reside in a park in my town.  Not a ghost, but something darker.  I felt like it has been summoned by some inexperienced people.  I had to banish that one as it was beginning to gain the potency to manifest and had attacked one of my students who was walking around the park.  She was scratched across the neck in the process, something that had her freaked out pretty well.  Which I then got to explain to her the nature of entities and the troubles of the various worlds.  So she got a real dose of the worlds around us and a valuable lesson for a solid scare.  I did that banishment too fast and was drained out for a month though.  I too learned a valuable lesson on respecting my limits.

Lack of knowledge and responsibility with just enough spiritual potential causes problems.  Which is why I feel its important to teach people openly about these things.  If one does not know and has the potential there are many forces more then willing to help the person along.    

My ex wife is planning to haunt me till I die, in a good way.  She is Kumekaay(sp?) native and while the story of our parting is complicated we are still pretty close.  She is very ill and the threat is a loving reminder that she will be with me till the end.  So I may just have a long term haunting on my hands when she finally passes.  

I have cleansed quite a few negative places from baleful spirits in my time.  Though I would not take a year to perform such task.  The rituals I use are generally faster then that and I have learned to link them into the elements creating a more permanent solution and a sustaining effect and in some cases a positive growth, it depends the amount of bad in the area.  Something I am not barred from sharing with others if they are interested in learning the rites.  Its rather complicated and would probably take a few years to master though.

When there is a positive connection to place I will leave it alone or even commune with the spirits that reside there and gain perspective on there existence and past.  I enjoy it and with the lack of understanding on the nature of the afterlife and its effect on the spirit world in this society many of the spirits are lonely.  I have collected some wonderful recipes from Grandmothers that staid behind to look after there descendants.     

It would be greatly enjoyable to me to talk shop about what practices are used to cleanse areas, I do not know if that is considered secret knowledge or not.  I have secret knowledge that I am not supposed to share and not so secret knowledge that I am willing to share.  It is rare that I get the opportunity to discuss things with people that understand what I am talking about.  


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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

LOL! I'm in a similar place re the knowledge I can and can't share, and what your ex wife is planning to do my first husband who was NDN also is doing to me. Though it's in a good way as he was my spiritual working partner, saying that though before I could just head off for a few days n get some peace from him, now he's around 24/ 7 lol.

The reason that place took over a year to get to a relatively safe state was because it had been used by the local Abby for some very dark stuff over centuries. The Abby was no longer like that but a lot of sacrifice and death happened there and unfortunately some locals still practiced it on that Land when I first arrived, the remains were to put it bluntly a brutal mess so much so a neighboring farmer reported it to the police.

At one time they flooded the whole lower part of that valley to try and hide what had happened. There were places on that land that if you went into basically everything that protected you screamed at you to get out of immediately.  Not even the animals or wild life would go into to those areas and plants wouldn't grow there. I've been to some bad places and met some really nasty entities etc in my time, but even I have to say despite what I managed to do I'm sure glad I got outta there. I did what I needed to do and was warned not to over extend myself, stupidly I did and I'm still paying for that lesson. That kinda work takes a physical tole and somewhere it has to be re balanced.

Anything negative in an area I do move on for the main, positive Ive no issue with it what ever it is. Many I do work with and learn stuff from. Those who are stuck I help move on those who aren't are free to come n go often they are just protecting something in that area or someone.

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Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

I understand that I am also labeled as a mad man for my methods haha. I personally take on all the emotional/energy states in a area and internalize it.  Allies screaming in my ear to not be crazy and stupid.  Get into a fight and suppress things internally.  Then after that I break it apart and win.  It would be bad if I lose.  It has deep internal risk and left scars in my soul that take a long time to repair.  I am a warrior by nature and I suppose that is my version of getting into a war form.  Fight hard then get carried to a bed to sleep it off or die in the process.  Super testosterone rage stupid I know.  I have done this as long as I can remember.  Have been warned more times that I can count that it is insane and dangerous and respond with that is what makes it fun.  There was an asylum in my area that was a dreadful place and used for human experimentation.  That was one of the places that I almost lost to the forces around me.  But I buckled up and dug deeper and won the battle.  Granted it did take three months to complete the process.  Honestly if I was not crazy in that regard, it should of taken a year.    
I do not recommend my methods to anyone, even myself honestly.  Its pure pride and a desire to engage in conflict to push myself to the next level and I am sure it is unhealthy.  I think the last time I was that bull headed and stupid I was out for three days and woke up cussing that I was not done and kinda got restrained my my friends and told to stay down till I recover and finish the job at full strength.  I am good at listening when I am getting too stupid.  Which has probably saved me more then once. As I have gotten older that pride has lowered into a more manageable state and I am still a bit scary when I am worked up, but no where nears as aggressive as I once was in that regard.  I decided it was a good idea to die an old man surrounded by my loved ones instead of with my boots on and my mind shattered.  

My ex was good at getting me to slow down and not be too stupid.  After enough years of listening I am less crazy about such things.  I also took a few years off from such work to recover completely at her behest, which was a good thing.  She knew I would become a giant bundle of spiritual scars and probably actually go mad for real if I kept up the way I was going.  I am sure I will get a swift smack to head in the future if I jump back into that path again.  Which is a fair reminder and an important lesson.  I am a bit stubborn in that regard though.  Though I am willing to accept the reality that it is best to listen to the feminine energies coming from a partner.  Though if she said got all out I would probably be taken to an even higher state then I had ever reached before.  Its fun how those things work.  


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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

Its sure funny how things work out, I've just spent a couple of years having to take time out to heal up from those scars, mine came out as a physical reminder to make sure I look after myself better and not be so stubborn and try to do everything myself.

I was warned many times but still I went on with little thought to the after effects on my self. Physically its been a tough 2 years with surgery's and then broken bones from an accident that wasn't really an accident. It knocked the hell out of me, but despite it all I fought back and am here and will soon be able to go back out n do what I do best.

This time round im a lot wiser and listen a lot better . I also got a hard fast lesson and a good shake up about a few things regarding looking after myself. A lesson I've learn't and I respect.

I've been called home for the first time in 16 yrs and this year I will get back there, I've work to do and have places and people to visit. It'll be good when it happens. Until then I'm behaving lol well as much as I can behave http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/devious.png

Religion is for people who are afraid of hell......
Spirituality is for those who have already been there......


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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

Spirit Mountain has Paranormal activity. I encounter this from time to time when I camp there.

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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

I will have to be restrained in here as I have had many experiences in many places.. I see and here spirit and have experienced interaction most good but a couple of times not so good.

The good ones always involved a child.    The first child was a small girl named Annie, she seems tied by spirit bonds to an area in Edinburgh in Scotland. The location is Mary Kimgs Close. This is a collection of underground streets with houses and rooms that date back to the time of the Great Plague..1664.
 I was there with my partner at the time and was with a group of 8 of us with a guide in costume of the period. I hung back from the main group to see what I could connect with, Within seconds I was in pitch black conditions.. The guide was ahead of me and just in ear shot.. suddenly I felt a little tug on my clothing on the right side.. a little hand held my little finger tight but gently.. I instantly thought this was Annie..

Sadly both her parents died of the Plague and she was left alone to wander the street and  beg for scraps  she was looking for her mother.  She still seeks out  mums and I was privileged to be one.. She held my hand whilst I stood there for maybe 20 seconds...  I felt no fear, just desperate sad for her.
I heard the guide begin to move to another area and we made to catch up, she then let go and I actually thought 'Bye Annie dear'..     A few secods later I heard the guide turn on a light to show a room with tiny toys left in a pile, tiny dolls and bears etc.. He then said this is Annies room... 
Yes well I kinda knew that...
I felt blessed that she found a little comfort even if it was only for a while.. She starved to death aged 3...

Some day I will go back there again and hope she is able to come to me again..

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Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

This was an excellent experience. Thank You for posting.

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7/31/2016 2:43 pm  #10

Re: Hauntings and Ghosts

You are so very welcome//

There is a good way,  a bad way, and a better way.  For my path, I choose the better way..
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